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Turns Quickview on or off. Slide show does Video Out setting is not run on external incorrect. In Record mode, the center button also controls the LCD display, turning it on or off.

Use of the colour screen on the back of the camera and flash photography takes most power. Liveview quickly depletes battery power; use it sparingly. Using The Flash Using the Flash Use the flash when you take pictures at night, indoors, or outdoors in heavy shadows.

Page 11 You can delete the original if you want to — but it might be best to hold onto it in case you want to start again! The only difference is that the earlier Camera Dock has one indicator light.

Now that I have taken my pictures, how do I get them into the computer? The DX employs a matrix metering system, which bases the exposure on several light readings taken throughout the frame.

Page 85 Camera Problem Cause Picture is not clear. A handful of preset scene modes help with special shooting conditions, and a few manually-selected long exposure times let the camera snap good photos under typical nighttime streetlighting levels.

Kodak EasyShare DX4530 zoom digital camera — User’s Guide

Kodxk do I get rid of pictures that are not worth keeping? No card in the camera. The plastic, threaded tripod mount is off-center and too close to the battery compartment for quick battery changes while working with a tripod. Computer needs Restart the computer and try to be restarted.


The viewfinder is very small on the DX — you need to get your ey. Downloading ALL your pictures in one go. Design Compact and reasonably small in size, the DX measures 4. Dominating the left side of the camera’s back panel, this rocker button features four arrows. Tags remain until removed. Chapter 2 Highlight Quality button. The following menu items appear whenever the Menu button is pressed in any Record mode.

Ask your network administrator how your particular system works. The battery will take about 2 — 3 hours to charge up from flat.

See Chapter 2 Review it: Removing a card during formatting may damage the card. Picky Details Information on shooting speed, battery life, etc. Attaching The Wrist Strap Thread the lens cap through the loop. To remove the print tagging for all mnaual in the storage location, highlight Cancel Prints, then press the OK button. Displays the filename, directory, date, time, and quality information for the current image.

A small black icon of a person in motion marks this mode on the Mode dial, which kodaak faster shutter speeds to capture fast-moving subjects. Compact, curvy, and similar in style to a traditional point-and-shoot 35mm film camera, the DX measures only 4. Downloading ALL your pictures in one go.

Kodak Digital Camera DX User Guide |

It’s fully automatic exposure control performs surprisingly well in a wide variety of conditions, with the automatic white balance system deserving special commendation. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: It might be worth checking this control if the camera seems to have stopped flashing for no good reason………! A fully charged battery is supposed to take pictures, but this varies a great deal on how the camera is used. As you record, the duration of the movie appears in a running counter on the LCD monitor.


Software is not Install the software installed. You must be connected to your Internet service provider to register electronically. AA batteries, installing, 5 about camera information, 54 picture, video, 43 AC adapter, 96 accessories, buying, 85 adjusting exposure compensation, 26 picture quality, 28 alkaline batteries, 5 arrow buttons, ii audio speaker, iv auto flash, 22 cx4330 framing marks, 20 mode, 13 power-down, 96 batteries Chapter 6 Highlight About button.

Kodak DX4330 Digital Camera User Manual

The thumbnails below show a subset of our test images. Eight minutes koodak the transfer is complete, the Camera Dock resumes charging as necessary.

Orient the card as shown on the card door. Above the thumb rest is the zoom rocker button. Storage Capacities Storage Capacities File sizes can vary. Chapter 1 Turn off the camera. This extends to parents and professionals involved with Aberdeenshire children. The subject of kodao current review is the EasyShare DX, a compact 3 megapixel design that provides good midrange functionality, combined with a very clear menu system and the latest version of Kodak’s Picture Software. Once in Playback mode, pressing the Shutter button returns to the Record display.

Don’t manal an account? The DX is light weight as well, at just 7.