MONTFERRAND (Montferan), dit Favre, JOSEPH (better known as Jos (Joe) Montferrand), voyageur, logger, strong man, and a figure of legend; b. 25 Oct. Nearly lost in tall tales of Jos Montferrand’s strength, beating up 50 Irish raftsmen and all that, is this perspective on why his heritage matters: “Unable to realize. Jos Montferrand (b at Montréal ; died at Montréal ). Jos Montferrand was a French Canadian of legendary strength who lived in the.

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His feet and legs bulged like two mammoth black stumps sawed close to the ground. In oron his way through Kingston, Upper Canada, where his work as a carter had taken him, he beat a monferrand boxing instructor who was greatly admired by the garrison.

He has a gentle nature, he displays piety in his childhood, and when he makes his first communion a Sulpician points him out as an example. It is not surprising, then, that he would later excel at English boxing, which at the time used both fists and feet. The loggers felled trees over the winter and then drove the logs down the river, eventually arriving at Quebec City. This page was last edited on 5 Juneat The Montferrand legend creates two problems for historians.

File:Jos Montferrand.jpg

Montferrand, along with many young people around him, was drawn to the west by the tales of the voyageurs who came to spend their money in the inns of his neighbourhood. Montferranr only language allowed in classrooms was English. The hero montferramd called Mouffreau, Mufferon, Maufree, Murphy, etc. His exploits took place in the Ottawa Valley where tension between the Irish and the French Canadians and between the English merchants and the Francophone settlers ran high.


The Jos Montferrand who wasn’t a mascot | Ottawa Citizen

But in music, she found a whole new passion. Video transcript Close Video transcript. Laughead of the Red River Lumber Company first associated Montferrand with the celebrated Montterrand Bunyan, the legendary American hero, in material written for the company. At the age of 21, he joined the Hudson’s Bay Company as a voyageur. Lawrence district of Montreal in It has been suggested that Big Joe Mufferaw be merged into this article.

Recognized for their size and incredible strength, the Montferrands enjoyed a degree of fame in the working class districts of Montreal where strongmen were greatly admired. His adventurous life was studded with exploits in which skill, speed, and strength were of prime importance. For thirty years, Montferrand was closely associated with the forest industry which dominated the economic development of the Ottawa Valley in the 19 th century.

For us, his greatest achievement is in the fact that, two centuries after his birth, he remains very much alive in our memories! We note also that Louis Guyon composed a play about Montferrand monttferrand Inthe Ontario Heritage Trust recognized Montferrand as a person of provincial historical significance and unveiled a plaque at the former St.

Official bodies have also paid homage to this hero of popular culture.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. This would be sweet revenge for Montferrand, considered by Franco-Ontarians as one of their own.

This video shows young student Even in his lifetime, perhaps before the s, Montferrand was a hero whose deeds were exaggerated in taverns, logging camps, and at home. For months on end the men were busy felling trees, getting up at dawn and slaving away until nightfall.


It was in this cosmopolitan, picturesque faubourg that Joseph Montferrand grew up. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Knowing full well that she had n This icon is the very symbol of perseverance, compassion and diversity, paving the way for visible mino Only at the turn of the century, apparently, did it spread to the tree-felling centres in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Early in the quiet revolution, the poet Gilles Vigneault made Montferrand a philosopher sitting on Cap Diamant.

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Jos Montferrand, Legendary Figure of the Ottawa Valley

The name was, however, in the final running for a new boulevard in Gatineau. The someQuebecois who moved between and to live with our neighbours to the south also helped to make him monfferrand, especially in New England after He has inspired the Big Joe mascot.

This Franco-Ontarian impersonator needs no introduction. This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States. Highlights Fun, informative mntferrand about Ontario and the Francophones that have made their mark throughout the years.