Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (Automatic In , Jean Sammet was a programming language technology manager for the Federal. Jean Sammet: Programming Language. Contributor and Historian, and. ACM President. Thomas J. (Tim) Bergin. American University. Editor: Thomas Haigh. Jean E. Sammet, History of IBM’s technical contributions to high level programming languages, IBM Journal of Research and Development, v n.5, p.

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This view differs from that held by some people who maintain that anything [Emphasis added. Silver Spring, Maryland [3]. At IBM she researched the use of restricted English as a programming language and the use of natural language for mathematical programs.

Jean Sammet | Computer History Museum

At the time of her vice presidency, ACM was almost bankrupt. Archived from the original on July 3, We are seeing a new round of appreciations for Jean E.

Inshe returned programmingg the position of programming language technology manager to concentrate on programming languages; she continued her involvement with Ada standardization, both internally and externally.

In fall ofSammet taught one of the earliest graduate-level courses in computer programming in the Applied Mathematics department of Adelphi College now University on Long Island. Miss Sammet organized and supervised the first scientific programming group for Sperry Gyroscope Company, Sammet chose to enroll at Mount Holyoke College based orogramming the strength of its mathematics program.

InSammet and five other programmers established much of the design of the influential COBOL programming language, in a proposal written in a span of two weeks that was eventually accepted by Sylvania’s U. But soon Sammet was working at Sperry Corporation, a long-standing electronics company that hean first founded in Brooklyn in National Academy of Engineering Sammet was prograjming to search for positions in New Jersey because New York City was not hiring new teachers.


From toshe served as a key member of the committee that developed COBOL, which became the standard programming language for business applications around the world. Prior to that time she was involved in numerous ACM activities: Sammet started work in the computer field at ,anguages Gyroscope in and supervised the company’s first scientific programming group.

She is doing consulting and also working on the second edition of her programming languages book.

Jean E Sammet: The Inventor of FORMAC Programming Language

Around orLqnguages noticed a need for the exchange of intellectual information with others working with languages and software while she worked on FORMAC. Despite kanguages fact that Adelphi did not have a computer and few textbooks on programming existed at the time, Sammet was able to instruct two courses for two years.

She was president of the ACM from to and is a world authority on the history of programming languages. Her first task was to write the basic loader for the SPEEDAC, which was a line program that took three days to toggle into the computer by nean in binary. She also started and directed work on other language projects.

She holds a B. In Sammet began looking for a position in education.

Jean E. Sammet

She also taught graduate courses in programming at Adelphi College from to She received an honorary Uean. From to she served as ACM vice president.

Sammet, a widely popular and influential American computer scientist, is best known for developing the very first extensively used computer language — FORMAC programming language — for symbolic manipulation of mathematical formulas in After graduating from Mount Holyoke, Sammet pursued graduate studies at the University of Illinoiswhere she received her MA in Electronic ComputersVol.


While taking courses toward a Ph. Miss Sammet has voluminous historical files on programming languages, including material from the mids. She is also on its collections committee. She was the first female president of the ACM, from to History and Fundamentals contained a description of the histories of many languages, as well as significant technical material. She turns 89 next month.

Atomist Year in Review: Inshe became programming language technology manager in the IBM systems development division and later led IBM’s work on the Ada programming language. She covers the stories prograjming inspire people to strive for the better and meaningful life. She has published over 50 papers on these subjects. Jean Sammet Fellow For her contributions to the field of programming languages and its history.

She left her position at the insurance office and enrolled at Columbia University to pursue a Ph. The New York Times.

New York City [1]. In order to gain interest in SICSAM, Sammet wrote letters to people she identified through publications and what was happening in the field at that time. What we’ve shipped in She was a key member of the group which first developed Cobol inserving as chairman of the Statement Language Task Group and the Editing Committee. Retrieved July 16, She agreed to participate in an in-house training program to learn about punched card accounting machines.

In she was also assigned corporate responsibility for IBM’s activities in Ada standardization.

This month Jacobs finally got to interview her hero for Glamour magazine.