The Shelters of Stone has ratings and reviews. Crystal Starr Light said: A Prehistoric Clip ShowOkay, guys, that was really funny. Switchi. : The Shelters of Stone (Earth’s Children, Book 5) () : Jean M. Auel: Books. The Shelters of Stone (Earth’s Children) [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some.

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No one must be allowed to rival perfect Ayla, so, guess what, Jondalar finds when he arrives that in his absence Zolena has become extremely fat, so she cannot possibly be any kind of challenger to Ayla for Jondalar’s affection. As the three old friends sit on a train heading towards Brighton to meet Faye, little do they know that after this weekend, the four of them will have shared.

Impeccable research makes this much more than a fantasy reconstruction of prehistoric life. Pretty much nothing happens in terms of shslters whatsoever. Can he stay ahead of the demons that torment him long enough to help those who need him?

I was excited to read this when I borrowed it from the library. He told them that the little copse in Elmet sheelters theirs alone. Oct 06, Pages Buy. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Earth’s Children, Book Three. English Choose a language for shopping.

The Shelters of Stone – Wikipedia

Besides the first, it was definitely the best in the series. I think that that is part of what Ayla faces. The detailed descriptions of every fiber of every rug on each floor are interesting to Anthropologically-inclined readers, and others can skip them.

Are we supposed to assume that all the other women don’t wash and therefore are dirty in comparison to gleaming clean Ayla? The Plains of Passage Sandra Burr. Jean Auel’s greatest achievement is to have created a plausible primeval community where men and women love and sometimes hate, and learn to survive in a harsh environment that demands rules and co-operation.


A seemingly endless stalemate ensues, and twenty years later, when a rogue CIA agent learns that both expeditions are still out in the wilderness, he embarks on a mission to exploit the temple as quel geopolitical pawn.

Mar 01, Elizabeth Reuter rated it it was ok. Of course, there are a few flies in the ointm This book took me longer to read that the previous four books – not because it wasn’t interesting to read.

But the mission hurtles aule disaster when he discovers that the temple is the locus of grander conspiracies than anyone could have guessed.

The novel has familiar characters and situations, that is a pleasure For example, the 1st time anyone meets the heroine we are once again subjected to her interlocutor’s unspoken musings about her strange accent which “wasn’t quite like and accent but more like she was swallowing some of auwl sounds as she spoke.

My only words of caution would be about the author’s preoccupation with sex. View all 5 comments. When the Music’s Over Peter Robinson. Two of their number, Echozar and Pfare of Neandertal ancestry and are ashamed of it. From the long, detailed introductions which are repeated numerous times throughout the novelto the multiple references to how she trained the horses, found the firestones, was raised by the Clan, jeam her knowledge of healing herbs, etc the book is just a long litany of what has occurred in the previous books.

The Shelters of Stone Sandra Burr. Follow Ayla, a Cro-Magnon child who loses her parents in an earthquake and is adopted by a tribe of Neanderthal, the Clan. Arthur Bourne, a junior psychiatrist, is about to jeopardise his future for his closest friend, an aspiring writer called Louis Molyneux.


Every character has the same reaction to her, verbatim. All the while, the terrible violence in Daddy grew.

The Shelters of Stone

There is too much detailed description, and the pace moves incredibly slowly. Every time Ayla meets a new person, there is a five minute long introduction which fills up about a page and includes the recitation of every single stohe connection a person has.

Black Box Thinking Matthew Syed. This both shames them into agreeing as noted by Jondalar’s sister-in-law, Proleva and educates the Zelandonii in the ways of their ex-neighbors.

When they finally arrive in Jondalar’s home, the book doesn’t really know what to stnoe with the characters except mention a few people and never fully develops them or has them contribute to the story in any meaningful way. Looking for beautiful books? The most annoying feature of Ayla’s favouritist treatment is that every other character loves her, and any character that does not quickly gets their come uppance, consigned by Auel’s writing to death, a miserable fate, or at least total humiliation and the rest of the tribe turning on them.

Leading Alex Ferguson with Michael Moritz. The series has gone from one of my favorite books Clan of the Cave Bear to something I almost didn’t finish. This is a series that really must be read in order.