Sabina Kane doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to family. After all, her own grandmother, leader of the vampire race, wants her dead. So when. Read The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. The Mage in Black is a Fantasy novel by Jaye Wells. The Mage In Black is the second book in the urban fantasy Sabina Kane trilogy by Jaye Wells.

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Sabina was an annoying pain in the ass in the first book, jayr has not grown much in this second installment. His relationship with Sabina began many years ago and they didn’t leave each other on good terms. Let’s not forget Granny Dearest is still looking to settle the score as well. She also has to come to grips with the huge betrayal her entire life had been. Gighul as a fight star in Demon Fight Night was magnificent.

It’s one thing to have one of the big players behind you and play tough, it’s totally another to be strong on your own. The mages didn’t warn Sabina about the “rules” in New York so of course she breaks a couple and has to pay for it.

At the end well book 1 we were left with so many unanswered questions: New characters help inject charm. I said after a moment’s hesitation. I really enjoyed The Mage in Black. She lives in Texas with her saintly husband and devilish son. There was a lot of character growth but not too much as to make Sabina a completely different person.

At least there is Giguyl. View all 14 comments.


Plus, his last fight was classic! Also, the burning romance between Sabina and Adam is somewhat absent in this book. Still reeling from jahe betrayed, Sabina works on her magic while making new allies. On top of that, the Hekate Council wants to use her as a pawn in the brewing war against the vampires Sabina Kane doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to family. She holds an MFA in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University, and is a sought-after speaker on the ewlls of writing.

I am choosing to continue with the series, because the plot has made me very curious to see what happens. The Mage in Black features several fight scenes that are kick-ass!

The Mage In Black

It was comforting and blzck. This book was fun! I must say that our heroine Sabina Kane annoys the crap out of me, I’m sorry she really pissed me thw in this book, she is just so set in her ways, not open to accepting help fr I actually finished this yesterday, but, wasn’t able to get on the computer so I had to mark it finished today I have no issue with people having casual sex, but it just rubbed me the wrong way, just thrown in.

The end of the 1st book in the trilogy left me thinking that this 2nd book would be really good.

She just discovered she has a twin sister, her grandmother tried to kill her, and she is moving from California to New York, a very different land, environment and rules. It was one of those books that you can read cover to cover and not want to put down. Product details File Size: Watch book trailers, author interviews, vampire movie and TV show information and trailers.


Or alternatively, they could say this is the perfect urban fantasy novel since it meets all the expectations of the genre. The demon fight club was just uninteresting and went on for far too long. I thought that this book would therefore be a real emotional roller coaster.

However, by the time we get to point 8 on the list, the storyline for The Mage In Black starts to fall apart. Want free fiction from Jaye? I liked the introduction of Slade, the bad boy vampire Sabina knows “from way back. I so hope this gets bette. View all 8 comments. She realizes she needs to grow-up and she works on it. Gighul is one of the most interesting secondary characters out there and he alone makes these books worth reading.

The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane, #2) by Jaye Wells

In the meantime, Lavinia is up to no good. I loved this book! Write a customer review. But overall the story itself didn’t go much further. Wells is a master at character development; every single one of her characters feels instantly real. More by Jaye Wells. What I also liked was the fast paced action and movement of the book, and quick moving plot, jzye book has great energy.

Please try again later. Thanks to upbringings that were pretty much polar opposites Maisie is the sweetness and light that Sabina was never given the opportunity to become. Bought on Amazon What I Loved: