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He was bom in Bethlehem. The Egyptians were the first to yield to this demand, followed by the Greeks, Persians and other conquered nations.

O ye who believe also shower praises on him and salute him with a worthy salutation. As a warrior, he was the Jewish hero who humbled Goliath, a soldier of gigantic proportions, when he was only a stripling. When the Prophet won the Battle of Badr, which gave the real start to anwad apostolic career, he claimed Allah had sent angels to fight for him, contributing sjaikh his victory. The boy is said to have opted for Muhammad.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam) – Wikipedia

This is a strange attitude, to say the least. Again, it totally negates the Koranic evidence, which says that Muhammad received his first revelation when he was meditating in a desert cave called Hira. These things were necessitated by the circumstances as he proceeded with his career. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was a prominent socio-political figure of his time. A “Surely the worst of beasts in God’s sight are the unbelievers.

Anwar Shaikh – Wikiquote

To what has been said above, I may add a bit more about the surroundings of paradise to depict its appeal to the faithful: The former have the shaikj to hate their own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and countrymen if they practise a different faith.

Members iskam the gubernatorial class have realised the value of fear, and used it masterfully. Allah and His angels shower praises on the Prophet Muhammad.


It narrates his character in 2 Samuel, and the first Book of Kings. He was even more afraid of dying on that occasion. What can be more fantastic than the fact that Muslims all over the world prostrate towards Mecca at least five times a day.

Anwar Shaikh

Yet the irony was that they did all this in the name of the Most Compassionate and Just Allah, who counts these felonies as acts of fairness when they are committed to torture the unbelievers. Behind this carnage and devastation, lay the personal desire of the perpetrator to be acknowledged as the greatest.

But in the Semitic tradition, a Prophet is the servant of God, who mediates between God and man, and because God reveals Himself through the agency of the Prophet only, he becomes more important than God. The day Muhammad bin Qasim, entered Sindh as a conqueror, must rank as the most ominous, odious and outrageous moment in the history of India, whose proud, pious and powerful traditions have been the torch-bearer of world civilisation. For example, to obtain votes, he declares that poverty is the greatest social evil, and thus practises Robinhoodism, that is, he robs the rich to pay the poor for gaining their favour.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam)

Then follow not caprice, so as to swerve; for if you twist or turn, God is aware of the things you do”. It ara Allah who made His revelations a source of light for Muhammad.

In the Battle of Uhad, the Prophet had initially 1, combatants: After all, he was called Zaid bin Muhammad Zaid the son of Muhammad. Equally, honesty demands that my narrative must be nothing but the whole truth. One wonders if Allah has a separate identity of his own. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. Awar doctrine of prophethood holds him as the ambassador, and model of morality.

Solomon’s thee for God is revealed by his distracted disposition for women: This is what influenced the Roman Senate and it introduced the custom of deification i.


He is believed to be the prototype of the faithful tthe, tested and proven by God. It means that every moment there is some Muslim who is praying to Muhammad! This fact brings us to the discussion of the second type of dominance hierarchy which I termed as “spiritual”. Thus, secular dominance cannot be held for longer periods by sheer brute force.

Thus man is horn to he free. Abhas Chatterjee, in God, first created the light of Muhammad, out of which He then proceeded to create everything which constitutes this world. Greco-Roman mystery and salvatory religions including Semitic faiths such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He welded the fragmented Arab tribes into a unified nation and inspired them with a great political ideal, leading to the establishment of a mighty Arab Empire, which the misguided Muslims of the Indian subcontinent think of as the Islamic Empire, despite the fact that the status of the non- Arab Muslims in it qrab no better than that of Indians in the British Empire.

Islam, before the commencement of revelations. It is Prophethood, which is the opposite of free will because it seeks arzb minimise the operation of free will by reducing the scope of human intelligence and the liberty 31 to act accordingly; it uses the bridle of faith to check the human conduct, intellectually, morally and physically.

Hell is the most tormenting and terrible place SalvationXXV: This is what created pantheism i. David, the slayer of Goliath, fell victim to the fascination of the bathing beauty, bubbling with desire, devastation and dalliance.

Such a God is nothing but a clever myth, which enables the Prophet to declare God as the real Master and himself as His humble servant.