Adapted from David K. Farkas “Hypertext and Hypermedia,” Berkshire Hypertext and hypermedia refer to Web pages and other kinds of on-screen content that. This work proposes an engineering approach for adaptive hypermedia applications. Adaptive Classes FileType and News model preferences of the user. We give the data model of a distributed hypermedia system for collaborative .. Furthermore every Media object has a name and a filetype.

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Once the new view has been computed, the image data for the new view is sent over network to application client so that application client can update the viewing window currently displaying the embryo image. Voice code registration system and method for registering voice codes for voice pages in a voice network access provider system. The method of claim 1wherein the coordination performed is by coordinating by the one or more coordination computers communications sent to and received from at least a portion of the distributed application located on two or more separate computers connected to the World Wide Web distributed hypermedia network to enable the separate computers to work together to perform the at least one task.

A user at a workstation or personal computer need not connect to the Internet via a larger computer, such as server A or server B.

Apparatus and method for creation of a user definable video displayed document showing changes in real time data. Apparatus for transmitting and receiving executable applications as for a multimedia system. Method and apparatus for producing and accessing composite data using a device having a distributed communication controller interface.

The method of claim 38wherein: The manner of communication is through hypdrmedia application program interface APIdiscussed below. Consumer product information request CPIR enabling servlets and web-based consumer product information catalogs employing the same. Apparatus, system, and method for locating an application compatible with a file.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

Potential Director-Ordered Reexamination of U. Also, the user is able to rotate, scale and otherwise reposition the viewpoint with respect to these hyeprmedia without exiting the hypermedia browser software. Further, it is common for these smaller computers to be connected to the Internet. Assuming image object 16 hyprmedia on server C when user clicks on image icon 22client computer generates a command to retrieve image object 16 to server C.


Method of communicating between web applications and local client application while maintaining remote user session. Guido van Rossum, Re: In this way, computer systems located remotely on the network can be used to provide the computing power that may be required for certain tasks and to reduce the data bandwidth by only transmitting results of the computations. System and method for preventing identity theft or misuse by restricting access. System and method for rendering on-screen iconic buttons with dynamic textual link.

Submitting input-form data to server, Messages from Wed, Jun.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

Norman Meyrowitz,” The Missing Link: Ethernet digital storage EDS card and satellite transmission system including faxing capability. Z for ftping, Pei Wei May 31, System for automatic unattended electronic information transport between a server and a client by a vendor provided transport software with a manifest list.

James H Morris, ” Andrew: Note that hypertext document 12itself, has hypertext at This means that the browser program is no longer active while the viewer is active. Method and apparatus for linking a document with associated reference information using pattern matching. Compression can be hypeermedia to further reduce the bandwidth requirements for data transmission.

System and method for generating and distributing three dimensional interactive content. A hypertext document is a document that allows a user to view a text document displayed on a display device connected to the user’s computer and to access, retrieve and view other data objects that are linked to hypertext words or phrases in the hypertext document.

The information allows at least one application configured to execute on at least one client workstation to display a portion of a distributed hypermedia document within a browser-controlled window, to respond to text formats to initiate processing specified by the text formats, to identify an embed text format which corresponds to a first location in the distributed hypermedia document and to automatically invoke program code being part of a distributed application located on two or more computers coupled to the distributed hypermedia network, in response to the identifying of the embed text format, in order to enable an end-user to directly interact with an object when the object is displayed within a display area created at the first location within the portion of the distributed hypermedia document being displayed in the browser-controlled window.


Assuming there is more text to parse, execution proceeds to step where routines in HTMLparse. The server computer of claim 1wherein at least one or more coordination computers performs coordination of at least part of the distributed application to perform at least one task. Computer networks are becoming increasingly popular as a medium for locating and accessing a wide range of data from locations all over the world.

Other applications of the invention are possible. If not, execution returns to step where the next tag in the document is obtained. Such information allows the server to decide whether to allocate computing resources for, e.

System, method and apparatus for selecting, displaying, managing, tracking and transferring access to content of web pages and other sources. Message by Tony Sanders, ” Sub: Systems and methods for providing a user incentive program using smart card technology. Methods and apparatus for reducing the number of server interactions in network-based applications using a dual-MVC approach.

When user makes a request by, for example, clicking on hypertext 20 i. These images are simple non-interactive two-dimensional images, similar to photographs. Additional subsystems such as a printer, keyboard, fixed disk and others are shown.

Hypermedia provides links within electronic text filetupe quick access to other related text, graphics, audio, or video. Note that many other application objects types are possible as described above.

Wadlow, ” The Andrew System: Scalable, high performance and highly available distributed storage system for internet content.