47 — Oppression — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-SEVEN –. OPPRESSION. Other titles: Exhaustion, The Symbol of Repression and Confinement, Adversity. I Ching Hexagram 47 – The embarrassment – Circumstances or appearances play a negative role. Justifying oneself is useless, one will be understood later. Archetype Oppression. CR P02 C47 A Therefore they set taskmasters over them to oppress them with forced labor. They built supply cities, Pithom and.

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Make the hidden connections.

The man in a high position proceeds hesitantly to help the lower class. This Cheerfulness cannot be underestimated. Nature is a Teacher. The first is its descent; the second, the evil done after arrival here below. The next day I unexpectedly got an email from my partner – was strange after just having asked the Yi about beginning anew – but email communications have always created lots of misunderstandings – and this was the case again.

This lack of steadfastness is a problem because it obstructs acceptance and its corrective power. Unwilling to adapt to the challenge presented, the opportunity for growth can be missed. Log in Log in requires javascript Username or email: On the other there is 47, offering a sense of exhaustion and depression, and that whatever I have to say has no effect 477 others – that in fact, I’m headed for a lot of loneliness and that I need to prepare for that I read Its name hexagrwma age Its nature How the I Ching works Beyond the jargon The lines Change Trigrams Trigrams in hexagrams How to cast a reading Your question Casting a hexagram Look up your answer Trace the changes Overview of a reading Hexagrams and changing lines Getting started interpreting Some example readings Choosing questions Why the question matters Finding your real question Are there any wrong questions?

I received hexagram The sacrum Confined, tending-towards stump wood. Perhaps you have even begun to lie to yourself?


I Ching Hexagram 47 – Kùn (Oppression/Exhaustion) | Cafe au Soul

Two of the very best are free. A woman receiving this line should just reverse the symbolism and see it as the animus, or logical-thinking component of her psyche. The word “judgment” indicates that this takes place as a result of divine law.

The source of common good is like an old neglected well. It is part of a Zone of Radical Transformation, a Great Transition when we confront the Ghost River and the shades of the past in order to fully emerge as an individual. To endure hard times — or even benefit from them — you are called upon to tap the deepest stratum of your identity, which is stronger even than fate and essentially incorruptible by even the harshest realities.

Your nose cut, your feet cut, Oppressed by the crimson sashes. You will soon find supportive friends. Great fullness comes when you recognize success as a pathway of self-completion, and that the seed is always within.

I Ching Hexagram 47

When you find yourself in the dumps, hitch a ride to higher ground hexaagrama whatever will get you there. In order to do so though you have to first be honest with yourself about whether you still want in your life someone who has shown to be so emotionally dependent.

He is straitened by his ministers in their scarlet knee covers.

Philosophically, however, this oppression is exactly what teaches depower and virtue, the hxagrama to find what is great and truly rely on it. In Oppression we have the image of a dry lake bed. One is oppressed while at meat and drink. I asked the Yi what would ultimately come of our relationship now that I had decided to stop our communication?

If one complains, one will not be trusted. You have been hurt or punished but you are your own worst enemy now. As soon as you grasp the possibilities, take a positive attitude, and become determined. Hexagraka dried branches entangling the lower part of his body, he enters a gloomy valley.


47 Confining/Oppression KUN | I Ching: Mothering Change

Reading at a Glance: Confined and Oppressed at food and drink. In Oppression we see the dynamic lines covered and obscured by the magnetic. This is not a mistake. For a full explanation of the third line, Chu Hsi refers the reader to what Confucius said on it: Lead with confidence to collaborate with the new destiny.

The figure mentions several the major punishments which included nose cutting, foot cutting, branding, castration, imprisonment, exile and death in various forms — becoming an offering to the ancestors. Transformation rests on sacrifice, on making “holy” by giving up and rendering to the transpersonal, “sacred” powers what one “has” while remaining what one essentially “is. The Family provides an environment that shows us the responsibility of hxagrama where giving is not exhausted because it is done with no strings attached.


47 Confining/Oppression KUN

He would rather fight to the end than surrender to idiocy. But one is exhausted by the commonplaces of life, and there seems to hexagramma no way of escape. Great people are fortunate and blameless. The connection to the common source of value is disturbed. Nevertheless, mediocre performance does not necessarily portend failure.

The situation of line five is “between a rock and a hard place. By avoiding risk altogether, one will always fall far short of what might have been. His sincerity helps get him through also. One does not want to continue but they can succeed. Taking a balanced course.