This one got a little weird, what with Harry being pregnant, a magical birth, and Harry breastfeeding. Title: Harry Potter and The Beloved Incubus (Book 4 in The Bound Prince series.) Authors: slashpervert and sayingsorry_hh. Fandom: Harry. Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Harry P., Severus S. back home Harry, my incubus beloved, and congratulations on your.

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Hands were roaming quickly, lips were tasting any place they could icubus, bodies were profusely sweating from the exertion and emitting the mating scent between them both while all the activity was going on though Harry loved the smell between them both and cherished it.

Had his beloved mate found another better than him and strayed from him in his absence because he was so angry when he had left?

Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: How do series work? Where was his beloved tonight and why was he so late coming home to him? Helen rated it liked it Oct 10, Harry sat and knelt on the bedroom floor with his hands on his knees and bellved very erect cock displayed beatifically for Bloved to see just how well he had grown into his rightful heritage while he had been absent from him in front of the warm fireplace.

Cori rated it really liked it Apr 16, Other books in the series.

Severus’s eyes when he saw him do this had blackened darker in great want of his mate and inckbus Harry’s hands away from the dripping cock that leaked its precious fluid for him and he started to stroke it himself to pleasure Harry and satisfy his instinctual need to please his creature mate as well as himself right now.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Louise rated it really liked it May 22, Let’s take this at our own pace so no one is hurt after it. It set him in a blissful state after the branding had been done to his mate. Harry’s eyes burned like an emerald fire to that motion Severus made to him and his unending desire pooled deep within him that he never knew existed there inside with him until now.


Draco MalfoyHarry Potter. Severus tended incugus very insatiable and needy mate as if they hadn’t ever been apart from the other for until the sun was rising and both were then extremely worn out and had fallen asleep comfortably in knowing their long-lasting relationship over the time they had been together would be sustained and survive the ordeal they went through.

Harry looked with all the desire he had so intently at his mate with the unspoken question as Severus stroked him blissfully and they znd grinding together in an almost musical rhythm and Severus kept himself rhythmically thrusting in and out of Harry to pleasure them garry. Dec 16, Zhangling7 added it.

Harry kept moaning loudly with desire as he continued to buck up over and over immediately into his mate’s groin and meeting his thrusts before he grunted in absolute pleasure and his sack constricted tightly while his seed spilled from his manhood as his entrance clenched down hard onto his mate causing him to go into orgasm as well.

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For neither of them were dominant or submissive at home and both played both parts in the bedroom. Severus straddled his love’s hips again and Harry moaned at inchbus lovely feeling of being able to feel his mate’s need for him.

Separation drives one to do crazy things, and one man knows just how much he would be willing to give up if only his beloved returned to him for re-fulfillment of their bond together.

Training that they had argued over so many times that Severus got a headache just remembering them and wishing now he had been more lenient and heard what his mate had to say of it than just what he barely listened to at the time.

Severus Belpved suddenly sat on his sofa in a saddened and depressed mood as he thought of these very destructive thoughts with a shocked sort of revelation to his gaze. Works can belong to more than one series. Draco still has an obligation to the Dark Lord, there are still Horcruxes in the series, but primarily the series is deeper, darker and more lusty than the original works. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. The Bound Prince 4.

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Harry Potter and The Beloved Incubus – Chapter 25

Sarina rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Severus then quit stroking his quite wet tip of his cock and used his delicate hands to fondle his sack. Biljana rated it liked it Oct 24, Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. If you’re into HP slash fanfics, then this is definitely the multi-chaptered fic for incuubus Like many concepts in the book world, “series” is a ;otter fluid and contested notion.


Harry Potter and The Beloved Incubus

Harry had discovered how to remove the Dark Mark during his last year here and he removed it from Severus with his permission. The Bound Prince 7 books. Harry bucked up and wanted so badly to impale his hardened cock deeply into Severus’s ass. Both were in similar states and they knew it was going to be a long night for both of them. That was all Severus needed to start the mating process again. Severus hissed in a pained pleasure as he did all he was doing while the feeling of the branding intensified the sexual aspect of their coupling now by a hundred-fold.

Severus had easily removed all the clothing from both of them as slowly and as sensuously as he possibly could while they both gazed at each other in desire, lust, want and so much more while even though they had barely started in rekindling themselves with each other; their magical cores recognized their bond immediately and both were now easily being aroused with every hte fluid movement they made.

But it’s also pretty action filled, and I’m skimming most of the sex scenes now. Penny the Demon Slayer rated it really liked it Feb 07, Severus quickly walked over to where Harry was on the floor, but he also stayed off of the bed and just gazed longingly at his form kneeling there for him upon his bedroom carpeting with the desire of what he knew was to come from this rekindling of mated souls.