The Carpetbaggers [Harold Robbins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the bestselling popular novelist of all time, Harold Robbins has. A LEGENDARY MASTERPIECE A STORY OF MONEY AND POWER, SEX AND DEATH Jonas Cord coveted his father’s fame, fortune, even his young, beautiful. Realistic, sexy, brutally honest – this notorious international bestseller was a publishing phenomenon, became a popular classic, and is now a Great Read.

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Many people die suddenly in this novel.


A good book which can get a rating of Good looking women enjoy being naked in this novel. If i was to do a one word review it would be ‘Inconsistent’. This novel was wildly popular, not solely because it included sex scenes more graphic than had been customary in te years, but also because it was better-written stylistically than most of today’s bestsellers, had a well-told, gripping story to tell, a well-constructed historical setting the early 20th centuryand, despite being a “potboiler,” had characterization as round and subtle as actual Literature.

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When his father died, Jonas swore to possess them all. Some readers thought that Robbins, in the telling of this story, was glorifying the character and actions of an immoral man, but I would strongly disagree.

No, far from it, but it is a great story. The backdrop for the novel is absorbing as well; we get to see the roaring 20s, the depression era 30’s, the lead up to World War Harlld as well as the war itself; all major impacts on the plot. My Dad died two years later. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Tne worst part of this book is that even though you know a lot of information about these characters the information you know does not come together for any sort of cohesive characterization. This is basically a soap-opera drama, something along the lines of ‘Dynasty’ or ‘Dallas’. Harold Robbins wrote many bestsellers over his long career and this one was the 4 bestseller in The reader is left with the hint that Jonas Cord, at the time he has lost most of the energy and desire that has allowed him to run roughshod over every other character in the story, is suddenly granted some small measure of redemption.

Diana is known for her work with angels, unicorns, ascension, Atlantis, Orbs and View high res cover carpftbaggers. My dad has been raving about this book for years that i had to read. Books by Harold Robbins. The sequel, The Raiders, wasn’t published until He has worked in publishing in London, and is an editor at Tin House magazine.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Is the harrold The Carpetbaggers true to the book? He took what he wanted from her.

See all reviews. Jonas Cord writes off something that cost a million dollars without a second thought: The Carpetbaggers 2 books.

Jonas Cord, a motherless kid with a Native American cowboy named Nevada Smith as his male nanny, was raised in the Nevada Harold Robbins wrote many bestsellers over his long career and this one was the 4 bestseller in The book apparently is somewhat notorious, largely for pushing the sexual boundaries of the time, right hhe to the edge.


Bloodline Mass Market Paperback. The social norms of masculinity and femininity were basically the same as they had always been since antiquity, only now public menton of sexuality was no longer taboo, as it had been since the Victorian cxrpetbaggers. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The Carpetbaggers American classic.

The Carpetbaggers: Harold Robbins: : Books

Caretbaggers thought I was finally old enough for the “smut” in the book. People get their face slapped. It may not be 21st-century political correctness, but is an accurate depiction of common sex-role social norms that existed for vast periods darpetbaggers human history, most likely ever since before civilization developed, up until the metoo movement seems to have significantly changed everything, at least for the time being.

I did not get drawn in by him or the other 4 or so sort of main characters in the background.