Raimund Pretzel (27 December – 2 January ), better known by his pseudonym The manuscript of Defying Hitler, discovered posthumously by his son, Oliver Pretzel, is a memoir of the Nazis’ rise to power, as witnessed by Haffner. In Sebastian Haffner fled from Germany to England with his Jewish wife (“the story of a German”), translated into English now as Defying Hitler. “Defying Hitler” by Sebastian Haffner. A newly discovered memoir by a German classified as “Aryan” describes the insidious early spread of.

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It becomes clear how many “good Germans” struggled against impossible odds to keep their personal lives detying. Haffner saw clearly the stakes of maintaining a private space for all citizens. Like a rising tide the individual is submerged in a sea of falsehood and the bombastic glorifications of nationalism and racism.

He adopted the pseudonym Sebastian Haffner so that his family, who remained in Germany, would hitlsr be endangered by his writing. If Haffner’s tone sounds superior, remember that those words were written by a German who had seen no willingness to resist Hitler either inside or outside his country. It is brilliantly written.

Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner

We have a responsibility to raise our voices against aggression, regardless of whether it is aimed at religion and this is the atheist speaking, on behalf of religious freedom, as long as the religion does not force others to believe and commit to specific rituals and rules that are only relevant to its particular dogmaethnicity, gender, or social status.

Covering tohis eyewitness account provides a portrait of a country in constant flux: Of note is what the author calls the boycott of Jews which prevented them from working, owning businesses, etc. Haffner goes off with trepidation, determined to keep to himself lest he reveal his true political beliefs. Haffner alternates political analysis with accounts of how the rise of the Nazis in the s and early haffenr affected his attempts to build a career, keep friendships alive and kindle romantic liaisons.

Con la storia contingente e privata della mia della mia contingente e privata persona sono convinto di raccontare un pezzo importante della storia tedesca ed europea, non ancora raccontato. It is chilling to see how quickly and thoroughly a group of thugs terrorised and subjugated a whole country. He is critical of his fellow Germans in a way that only a native can be.

When we argued about certain opposites—freedom and slavery, for example, or nationalism and humanism, or individualism and socialism—the discussion always respected certain Christian, humanistic, civilized principles as axiomatic.

The masses — by which I mean not the proletariat, but the anonymous htiler body into which all of us, high and low, amalgamate at certain moments — react most strongly to someone who least resembles them.


Feb 10, Ameera rated it liked it Shelves: There hirler a natural human instinct for survival, however odious the forms it takes or the lengths it may go to. He was not a hero despite the ridiculous, probably sales-oriented English translation of the story with the title “Defying Hitler”just an educated, decent man who saw what went wrong and decided not to be indifferent. May 18, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. To ask fefying readers questions about Defying Hitlerplease sign up.

Sebastian Haffner was born in Berlin indefyihg died in Hitlef terms and phrases already jaffner arms army bulletins yitler became become began Berlin Briining camp Charlie civil Communists comradeship course danger David Astor Ellen emigration haffnwr face father fear feeling felt final flags Frank Frederic Warburg friends German happened heard Heil Hitler Hitler Youth Holz Horst Wessel Song Jewish Jews Kammergericht Kapp Putsch knew Kurt von Schleicher Landau later lives looked March march music mass ment months murder nation nationalist Nazis Nazism never newspapers night numbers official one’s opponents paper Paris party perhaps police political Prussian Rathenau Referendar Reich Reichstag Dsfying fire Reichswehr rentenmarks revolution Ruhr Sebastian Haffner seemed shot smile Social Democrat stood strange streets Stresemann suddenly swastika Teddy terror things Third Reich thought tion took tried victory wanted weeks whole words young youth.

Written inbut not publis A fascinating book written about the period of time between and in Germany, and more specifically, eefying it was a life for a typical German during Hitler’s rise to power, and how it was possible for an entire country to essentially sit by and let it happen.

More By and About This Author. I’m actually rereading it already.

Sebastian Haffner – Wikipedia

The author, who describes his personal experiences of the time, pulls no punches and makes no excuses for the shift to radical nationalism in Germany in the s.

Anyway readers who bought the book expecting to hear about Hitler being defied will be keen to know that the author moves on to the time that he spent training as a lawyer. The Kammergericht folded instantly, with two effects—one on the profession, and one on the rule of law. They stopped fighting it as it fell apart step by step, and each step could somehow be justified, in a flawed way, of course, but as a single event not worth the cost of resistance.

How certain things were endured to secure personal goals like exams, career, plans for the future. Ma le cose sono andate avanti per anni, i nazisti non hanno mai fatto passi indietro, la gente vedeva e assisteva. Jekyll and Hyde InHaffner a pseudonym—his real name was Pretzel was a lawyer in the Prussian civil service, a junior judge in the Kammergericht, the high court in Berlin.


It was never finished or even known to exist until, following Haffner’s death inhis son Oliver Pretzel who prepared the English translationfound it while going through his father’s papers. They greeted the flag or disappeared. It was the same Kammergericht whose judges had stood up to Frederick the Great years earlier and, faced with a cabinet decree, had preferred jail to changing a judgement they considered correct in the King’s favour.

Apr 15, Brian Leach rated it it was amazing Shelves: They were in uniform and of course marching behind a flag with a swastika on it as part of their training. From the eyes of a child before Hitler was ever heard of through when Hitler had squashed all opposition, Haffner reports in often electric prose how he felt. It is here [in ] that the battles of the next world war are being decided in advance.

Defying Hitler: A Memoir

Raimund Pretzel 27 December — 2 Januarybetter known by his pseudonym Sebastian Haffnerwas a German journalist and author. He wrote for others to understand, so that it may not happen again. The most powerful dictators, ministers and generals are powerless against the simultaneous mass decisions taken individually and almost unconsciously by the population at large.

God help us if that ever changes View all 41 comments.

Since books on the Hiyler Reich are published by the truckload, it would seem almost superfluous that a simple, personal baffner such as Sebastian Haffner’s should top best-seller lists.

I would have loved to read the rest of his journey. The book is carried forward by waves of contempt and disgust — for the Nazis; for the people who believed them; for those who didn’t, yet failed to do anything to stop them; and for the German character itself — but reason is the source of its passion.

Due to the hyper-inflation come his pay-day the whole family troop off to the barbers to have their hair cut before the money looses too much of its value. Written in deftingwas published after he died …more Yes, it is: Black Market, Cold War: It is in many ways remarkably prescient, most notably about the Final Solution and the overall course of the war, and there have been challenges to its authenticity — addressed in a brief afterword by Haffner’s son and translator Oliver Pretzel.