Pablo de Rokha was a Chilean poet. He won the Chilean Premio Nacional de Literatura . In , de Rokha founded his own magazine, “Multitud: revista del pueblo y la alta cultura” (Multitud: magazine of the people The controversy continued with his book “Genio del pueblo” (Genius of the people, ), an imagined. Ocupación: Poeta Género: Poesía Nombre de padres: José Ignacio Díaz Alvarado Laura Loyola de Toledo Biografia Poema “Genio y Figura”. Pablo de Rokha (Dedicado a Pablo Neruda) Gallipavo senil y cogotero de tu partido, y te ladran las botas. de fiambrería, y es que estás vendido, todo, al.

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Self-portrait of adolescence Among green snakes and verbenas, my status of a tame lion has a lackluster buzz of hives and a bark of burned ocean. He is considered an avant-garde poet and an influential figure in the poetry scene of his country. With ghosts and chains that cling I’m a rotten religion and a fallen king, or a feudal castle whose battlements raise your name like golden bread.

De Rokha edited, published and sold his own books, never accepting the support of publishing companies, and bought, sold and bartered a variety of goods to support his family. Several of them died prematurely: When the poet was older, legally adopted a baby girl called Sandra.

Pablo De Rokha by Marcela Paz Gutierrez on Prezi

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. His family was middle class farmers from a rural area and de Rokha’s father did various jobs to earn a living, such as a farm manager and a chief customs officer in the Andes border crossings.

The family was growing fast with the birth of many children: That same day, two hours after his death, officials from the municipality of La Reina arrived at his house at Valladolid to inform him that the authorities had decided to change the name of the street to his name in his honour. The Communist Party made him rokya congressional candidate but was henio expelled from the party inafter his disinterest in following party discipline and his attacks on older comrades made him unpopular with the party leaders.


They are heard in my being, full of the dead and wounded, of ashes and deserts, where a great poet commits suicide.

Hilarante en la distopía : Ocho Bolas – Genio Y Figura

fiura Views Read Edit View history. He was largely ignored by the critics, who were more interested in modernismthe popular trend of the time. Towers of blood on battlefields, Smell of heroic sun and shrapnel, of the sword of a terrified nation.

Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Inhe won the National Prize for Literature Chileand said at the ceremony: The first covers the period from tocharacterized by the influence of romanticism and his anarchic ideas, [9] mixed with biblical and religious elements.

He was not welcomed by the family and became an enemy of his future father-in-law, Don Indalecio, to the point where they challenged each other to a duel.

From Fgiura, the free encyclopedia. Having been expelled from the seminary gave him the chance to move to SantiagoChile where he finished the last year of secondary school and enrolled to study Law and Engineering at the University of Chile.

They did not know about his death. De Rokha returned to Talca in feeling that rokhs had failed in his goals. Before the agreed date of the duel, the young poet kidnapped Luisa and married her immediately. The following year he joined the San Pelayo de Talca Seminary, from which he was expelled in for reading ‘forbidden’ authors like Rabelais and Voltaire and showing them to his classmates. Years later the poet remembered the incident with his in-laws:. Genio del pueblo, p.


This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Inhis son Carlos de Rokha part of the literary generation of and one of the youngest members of La Mandragora group died at the age of 42 from a drug overdose.

Between andde Rokha lived in San Felipe and Concepcionwhere he founded the magazine Dynamo. Despite criticizing the poetry harshly, he fell in love with their writer and returned to Santiago in search of her.

It was also a time when working-class people began to be able to participate in political life, benio by the advance of industrialization and democracy in Latin America.

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Then, inde Rokha’s son Pablo shot himself. Publicado en Pablo de Rokha.

Francia World to world: However, today his writing is widely studied and the poet is considered one of The four greats of Chilean poetryalong with NerudaHuidobro and Mistral. Se escuchan en mi ser lleno de muertos y heridos, de cenizas y desiertos, en donde un gran poeta se suicida.

Pablo de Rokha

Times were turbulent both in Chile and abroad, with the old oligarchic order declining in Chile and the powers of FascismNazism and Stalinism in the ascendency in Europeleading gradually to the Second World War. It is not known if his death was an accident or suicide.

Forgive me for having given you life.