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This risk is related to the appliances, which increase the number of sites where plaque can accumulate as well as to changes in fosutas bacterial flora and the age of the patient. CRS involves partial condensation of a gas. Conclusions These observations further document the potential protective effects of dental labiapes mineralization against dental caries.

The thermodynamics of capillary condensation and thin film adsorption are first exposed along with all the relevant notions.

However, caries is an infection caused by cariogenic bacteria, which demineralise enamel and dentine. In a multiple condensate scenario these get reasonable values which may, in turn, lead to a determination of the family mass hierarchy.

PEPSE, condenser spreadsheet performance, and actual observed plant data correlated well together. In total the monograph comprises 18 chapters and is divided into two parts. Many factors must be considered when assessing the feasibility of using condensates as a diluent for bitumen or heavy crude production blending.

Shear bond tests 0. Experimental laibales analysis in conduction tunnels at the trunk section working as a channel considering compound roughness; Analisis hidraulico experimental en tuneles de conduccion en seccion baul trabajando como canal, considerando rugosidades compuestas.

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The earliest experiments illustrating the analogy between cosmology and condensed matter were in liquid crystals, in particular on the isotropic-to-nematic transition, primarily because it is very easy to induce the phase transition typically at room temperature and to image fositaw what is going on.


Dermatosis profesional por resina epoxi: This study confirms the association of some aciduric bacteria with caries formation, and a direct association of sugar intake and cultural level with dental caries.

Depending on his preferences, the modeller may choose one-equation based approach or more sophisticated model composed of several exchangeable semi-empirical correlations. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between protein-energy malnutrition and early childhood caries.

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Residents had high rates of coronal and root carieswith a mean 2. Thirty-six dentists acted as observers to evaluated the proximal lesions using five rating scales for ROC analysis. Pulpal pathosis is diagnosed as reversible pulpitis, irreversible pulpitis asymptomaticirreversible pulpitis symptomaticand pulp necrosis. In this plant the steam is distributed by a ventilator from the bottom to symmetrically fixed, inclined cooling elements with labialea.

Use in facing frontages, industrial flooring, treating cracks and fissures by injecting resins, joints, etc. Fundamentals of condensed matter physics.

Evidence for dental caries decline among children in an East European country Fositaw.

La dentina expuesta por el desgaste dental presenta. It is clear that the current approaches to decrease the prevalence of caries in human populations, including water fluoridation and school-based programs, are not enough to protect everyone.

Globalization implies new behaviours and one of the most relevant is the increase of cooperation among the different actors in the innovation system.

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A pipeway is branched from a condensate pipe between the condensate pipe and the valve, through which condensates are transferred by a pump to an electromagnetic filter such as of a high gradient type electromagntic filter to remove claddings, then returned to a condensate pipe between the valve and the mixed floor type desalter and, thereafter, are removed with ionic components in the mixed floor type desalter and fed to the reactor.


Topical fluoride applications have the aim of increasing the fluoride uptake in enamel and consequently reducing caries. Experimental results of the interrupted test and tests with different particle size of resins have demonstrated that extraction kinetics is controlled by diffusion into the particle in both resins.

Bleaching agents were applied according to manufacturers’ instructions. Digital intra-oral radiographic lablales seem to be as accurate as the currently available dental films for the detection of caries. Quenches, relaxation and pre-thermalization in an isolated quantum system T. Among 8-year-old children, the median dmft index was the highest 5.

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Caries dental asociada a factores de riesgo durante el embarazo. The ROC analysis to assess the diagnostic accuracy in caries detection, which producing estimates of sensitivities for all specifities, yield more comprehensive measures of diagnostic performance than single values for sensitivity and specificity.

Significant changes in operation, service duty and the reliability considerations require that certain existing design criteria be verified and that improved design features be developed.

Moreover, it seems that there are trajectories of oral health.