Most pediatric dentists in the United. Kingdom and North America1,2 use formocresol pulpotomy for vital pri- mary pulp therapy. In the United Kingdom. Permanent teeth with necrotic pulps can be treated with the same procedure that is used for the treatment of similarly involved deciduous molars—a two-step. Formocresol pulpotomy Formocresol was introduced in by Buckley, who contended that equal parts of formalin and tricresol.

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Formocresol versus electrosurgical pulpotomy.

Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

Miller M, Truhe T. Radiographic failures were observed as IR, furcation and periapical radiolucency. Evaluation of three pulpotomy medicaments in primary teeth.

However, three of five teeth were unsuccessful in the CH during radiographic observation, and showed clinical symptoms at later pupotomy. Footnotes Source of Support: Formocresol pulpotomy in primary molars: Teeth were scored as radiographically successful if they showed no evidence of radicular radiolucency, internal or external resorption, or periodontal ligament space widening.


Effects of calcium hydroxide-containing pulp-capping agents on pulp cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation. Support Center Support Center. As in many articles,[ 101516 ] IR was regarded as a failure in this study. Ferric sulfate as pulpotomy pulpotoky in primary teeth: Pulpal therapy in primary molar teeth: The first pulpotomy agent used for primary teeth, introduced by Sweet, was formocresol FCwhich fixes and mummifies the tissue completely.

Formocresol versus ferric sulfate. How to cite this article: Occup Environ Med ; Twenty month clinical follow-up.

Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

Journal List Eur J Dent v. In radiographic analysis, the MTA group had the highest Mineral trioxide aggregate as a pulpotomy agent in primary molars: Genotoxicity of antimicrobial endodontic compounds by single cell gel comet assay in Chinese hamster ovary CHO cells. Restorations of pulpotomized fornocresol molar teeth evaluations were carried out at baseline and control sessions under normal clinical conditions with a dental operating light, mouth mirror, and dental explorer.

Related articles Electrosurgical pulpotomy formocresol glutaraldehyde laser surgery. It is essential to understand that after clinical and radiographic evaluations are performed carefully to achieve correct diagnosis, all the evaluated materials can be used successfully.


Identification of alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the blood vessels of the dental pulp. In various studies, primary teeth were pulpotomh with a stainless steel crown SSC after endodontic treatments. PCO and dentin bridge that were not recorded as a failure or success were also observed.

Distribution of 14C-formaldehyde after pulpotomy with formocresol. WB Saunders Co,; Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry. J Dent Child Chic ; Ingle J, Bakland L, editors.

Assessment pylpotomy a 2 percent buffered glutaraldehyde solution in pulpotomized primary teeth of school children. A comparison and evaluation of two formocresol pulpotomy technics utilizing “Buckley’s” formocresol. A randomized controlled trial. This article has been cited by. Before the clinical and radiographic examinations of the pulpotomies, restorations of pulpotomized primary molar teeth evaluations were carried out at control sessions.