In FORETOLD, the fourth Demon Trappers novel by Jana Oliver, Riley faces the final battle for humanity and Beck’s heart—and Hell is the least of her proble. Teenage demon trapper Riley Blackthorne just wants to capture demons, regain her soul and go to her high school prom in this overfilled. In FORETOLD, the fourth Demon Trappers novel by Jana Oliver, Riley faces the final battle for humanity and Beck’s heart—and Hell is the least of her problems.

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Ori is also in this bookwill he ever gain any peace? Oct 16, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like it because this isn’t just about actual hell demons it’s about Becks inner demons and his past so I like how the colour scheme has changed as the story kinda shifts!

Foretold by Jana Oliver

But before he makes a move, they have to kick another set of demon butts. I can only give my opinion on how I felt after learning of Denver’s past life and his deep dark secrets. The last 3 words of the series. The title should be at least 4 characters long. To this day, I still believe that Beck is a standout in YA fiction. I love this guy.

But my favourite shout-out character is definitely Sadie. Even though people say bad things about him, she has faith in him.

Understanding and insight is clarified not only in regard to the characters but I found the bg between Heaven and Hell was given more definition as well. Life indeed for them had come full circle. The emotional life of books Meine Meinung: It was only like one or two tears anyways.


The whole series foretopd full of action and drama as Riley and Beck discovered who they were as find their place in the demon trapping business in a complicated world of angel politics. The give me a serious case of butterflies, totally deserved their HEA. Utterly original it’s astounding to how unbelievably breath-taking this story actually is.

Foretold Quotes by Jana Oliver

View all 60 comments. There’s still a lot of good things in the book – the main character Riley made a change from the usual innocent, do-goody, Mary Sue type heroines.

It was only in the last third of the book where Beck actually started to act like he liked Riley romantically, this was a case of too little too late for me – especially when Riley talked about her love for him from the start of the book. Three stars for first half.

But the first half took us to the country with depressing parent issues and a murder mystery.

Angst davor, dass danach alles vorbei ist. I never trusted Ori when he innocently came into the picture, and I did not swoon over him while everyone was lost by his charming personality. I need to say a few olived about Riley Blackthorne as well. It is always hard to say goodbye to a series, particularly if it’s one of your favourites.

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I don’t think it gets as much praise as it show. The people aside… the good versus evil face off moments felt well-put together. I fell fast and hard for this series and it’s one i’ll re-read till the pages drop out with the words committed to memory.

The Demon Trappers 4. I guess when they started discussing baby names my alarm bells started ringing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my “backwood’s boy”, I just didn’t connect with him like I have in the other books.

It’s enjoyable, thrilling, ooliver sexy, breathtaking, original journey that will leave you clutching your book trying to fight your way through the shock jaana your race yourself through the page as the unexpected twists hit you hard and fast and as shocking as a slap coretold the face with a wet fish.

She thought things will change between them, but she thought wrong. I seriously remember standing in the shop already gettin’ a few side ways glances cos i’d been in there like a hour and after reading the first freakin’ pa I feel like my stomachs dropped and have a serious case of the end-of-series-blues. She is not the kind of girl who backs down. Having a bit of a mixed emotion going on here