Eliminating an item with a negative corrected item-total correlation and two more Lonetto and Templer [4] defined death anxiety as an individual’s . una muestra de estudiantes a tres escalas de ansiedad ante la muerte y. Concurrent and divergent validity of the Spanish form of Templer’s Death Escala de Ansiedad ante la Muerte (Death Anxiety Scale: DAS). de Templer [6]. PDF | On Jan 1, , JoaquĆ­n T. Limonero and others published Ansiedad ante la muerte. [Death anxiety].

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Espinoza M Sanhueza O. Results Univariate analysis of the Fear of death variables reflects a trend near the normal curve. Hence, they are reliable and show construct validity. Factor analysis partially supports content validity of the subscale items, but presented a modified multidimensional structure that points towards the reconceptualization of the subscales in this sample.

The statistics to validate the fear of death construct, evaluated through the four sub-scale that measure the fear of one’s own death, fear of one’s own dying process, fear of other people’s death and fear of other people’s dying process reflect relations that point towards the same direction between element pairs, and show each of the seven elements, its contribution to its respective sub-scale, confirming this characteristic, which had already been observed in other studies 3, Sub-scale 3 Death of others displays a low correlation of 0.

The validity of the fear of death construct was analyzed through element statistics, inter-element and element-total scale correlation. Moreover, the average inter-element correlation demonstrates a positive relation in each of the sub-scales. J Med Biomed Sci. For the same reason, a trend exists to use well-validated and multidimensional scales. Sub-scale 4 dying of others shows correlations that vary between more approximate levels, ranging from 0.

To perform the psychometric assessment of the CLFODS, first, the Scale was submitted to expert review to guarantee the understanding of the items, followed by a pilot test of the instrument, in which 30 participants showed good understanding of the scale.

In total, it contains 28 items, grouped in four sub-scales with seven items each.

Validation of Collett-Lester’s Fear of Death Scale in a sample of nursing students

Multidimensionality is confirmed although, in this population, the notion of fear of death entails an additional perspective, which comprises two sub-components that are interesting for research purposes, which are the physical and psychological dimension of fear of one’s own death and fear of one’s own dying process.


What the students fear less is their own death. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Fear; Death; Scales; Reliability; Validity.

Nevertheless, the study limitations should be taken into account. For the latter analysis, a sample of students from the total sample was used. Ethical aspects of this research were guaranteed through review and approval by the Institutional Review Board of the School of Medicine and the Nursing Department Head.


The author justifies the range of results found regarding factor structure in this final qnte, due to the correlation that exists among the sub-scales, which in turn would give rise to an inter-element correlation that would create ansiedac bystander factor of factor loads Likewise, attitudes and emotional reactions can differ for oneself or for others.

Personal Construc Theory Prac. Next, ina revised version was published that included the same number of items in each sub-scale 32 items. Colell R, Limonero G.

The Attitude Toward Death Scale Ansiedac measures the favorable or unfavorable attitude towards death, designed with 43 Likert-type items ranging from 1 to 5. The Scale was created in to eliminite the content heterogeneity problem of the items in the scales used to measure fear of death. Another factor analysis, however, involving psychology students, obtained five factors, with a structure very near the theoretical proposal. In recent years, Collett-Lester’s 2, multidimensional fear of death instrument has been validated in several cultural contexts, evidencing acceptable psychometric characteristics.

The scale was changed to a four point Likert scale. He concludes that consistent loads are observed for two factors, corresponding to “death of self” and “dying of self”.

Thus, four sub-scales were distinguished: Therefore, the factor solution found based on this scale does not hempler the existence of other solutions in distinct samples. This research adapted Templer’s Death Anxiety Scale for Mexican Spanish and obtained psychometric properties for two samples of Mexican adults.

These results permit guaranteeing xnsiedad the items or elements are homogeneous and that the four sub-scales consistently measure the characteristic they were elaborated for. Also, measuring this construct in the health construct is relevant because the meaning of death entails a certain denial and evasion in mueerte society, which includes health professionals Mac Graw Hill; Criterion and construct validity of the instrument was analyzed involving the definitive sample The other correlations of element pairs range between 0.


The templfr matrix, in turn, evidences that, in sub-scale snsiedad How to cite this article. On Death and Dying. Relations in the same sense are reflected in a study involving nursing students and nurses, in which dee scale correlation demonstrated discriminant validity through a strong association with the anxiety toward death scale than with general anxiety The first limitation is the mainly female and young sample in a similar educational situation, characteristics that are repeated in most studies analised for this study.

Anxiety; Death; elderly adults; undergraduate students. Saturations higher than 0. It was considered that eacala reagents optimally measured between 0. Death ansiety as related to somatic symptoms in two cultures. The convergence of the four sub-scales, in turn, offers a certain degree of support to the validity of the CLFODS dimensions. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Dying of self, shows correlations higher than 0.

Spanish Adaptation of the Collet-Lester fear of death scale.

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The reliability coefficients continue without significant variations when eliminating these elements though, which is why none of the elements can be eliminated to strengthen the scale. Similar results were found among medical students, correlating the Scale with the anxiety toward death scale 10 and othersconfirming its convergent validity.

The psychometric characteristics exhibited based on a sample of nursing students and health professionals were as follows: These dimensions could comprise new conceptualizations myerte the construct, which would guide the elaboration of an appropriate instrument for the Chilean culture.