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Week Factors of Production Changes in prices of goods and services, price-consumption curve, Hicks, Slutsky and Giffen Paradox Approach, the demand function and demand flexibility.

Erdal M. Ünsal (Author of Mikro İktisat)

The balance of monopsonist sold their goods in perfectly competitive market, the chain monopoly, bilateral monopoly, short-term and long-term market analysis. Work Placement s None. Week Final Exam 1st. Language of Instruction Turkish.

Daniel, Microeconomics,Prentice Hall 7. Week Markets and Government To be able to examine the behavior of individuals within the framework of the theory of production and consumption. A Modern Approach,7th Edition, 6.

Week Market Equilibrium Theory 5. Encourage students in lessons to make Discussion and active participation in lesson. This course introduces erfal to the study of microeconomics.

MİKRO İKTİSAT – Prof. Dr. Erdal M. Ünsal

Ray, Microeconomics, Prentice HallLectures are taught by Instructor’s course. Preliminary Weekly and Related Topics Pages 1.


Office Hours To be announced. Course Contents Week Subject Description 1 starting Microeconomic Analysis and Introduction, functions and consumption theory, 2 Consumer equilibrium with respect to Kardinalist and Ordinalist approach 3 Change in the consumer’s ersal Prerequisites and Co-requisites None.

Week Behavior Equilibrium 9. Zeynel Dinler, Mikro Iktisat, Bursa. Week Final Exam 2nd. Students will also be introduced to the use of microeconomic applications to address problems in current economic policy throughout the semester. Production functions of several variables according to the producer balance ,returns to scale, Co-product curvesanalysis tools to the analysis of the balance of producers: Week Elasticity of Supply and Supply and demand 3.

Learning Outcomes of the Course 1 Firm grip on economic issues, and industry-level Course Content This course iktisxt students to the study of microeconomics. Total revenue, average revenue and marginal revenue functions of a perfectly competitive market in the short term. Mode of Delivery Face -to- Face. To be able to analyze in other sub-economic branches by Utilizing the concepts of micro economics.

According to the total revenue and total cost mikroo the balance of the company in terms of profit maximization, full competitive market in the short term average and marginal profit maximization motion curves.

Week Cardinal Equilibrium Theory 6. This course introduces microeconomic concepts and analysis, supply and demand analysis, theories of the firm and individual behavior, competition and monopoly, and welfare economics.


Week General Equilibrium To be able to evaluate economic decision-making and behavior of consumers and producers in the goods market, as well as to evaluate their behavior in factor markets. Communicate economic concepts and research results effectively through written and oral communication methods. Definition and main topics, economical analysis, main concepts and introduction to market economy 2.


Course Policies and Rules To be announced. Turkish Course materials in English can be provided to students ijtisat demand.

The concept of the market, market characteristics and market classification, Market-perfect competition, unsall competition market equilibrium price, partial equilibrium analysis and consumer surplus, period analysis, cost theory, the total cost, average cost, marginal cost definitions for functions, cost minimization.

Develop interdisciplinary approach to economics; apply economic theories and concepts to social issues. Selected economic topics are examined such as: To be able to examine processes of rational behavior of consumers iktisah producers into effective use processes, decision-making and behavior.

Use the information and communication technologies effectively to collect, process and interpret economical data.

Course Objective To be able to examine processes of rational behavior of consumers and producers into effective use processes, decision-making and behavior. Assessment Criteria To be announced.