OLOX - is a REFLECTION of trinity of the uniform world through a sound projection of reality of the modern world, through the creative union risen by net energy of the South, North, East, West unity, through the expressive feelings and ideas, rhythms and intonations of various most ancient ethnic musical instruments passed through centuries of various people of the world through exchange of information about sense and pristine nature of the sound.
OLOX is a BALANCE – created from three points – trinity corresponds to words – creation, justice, prudence, moderation.
OLOX is a COMBINATION of experience of the past, living in the present and desirable future of people of all existing races, nationalities, religious and other faiths...

Andreas - is a talented composer with multidimensional vision in creation of tremendous versatile pieces of music, a stunning drummer, incredibly gifted percussionist,  sound producer.
Resident of Buddha bar (St. Petersburg). This fashionable Moscow musician long time works with artists of the Russian platform such as Polina Griffis, Alexander Reva, Alexey Likhnitsky, Noggano-Basta, Tais Urumidis, Kimberly Devis (the USA, Michael Jackson’s background singer), and also the creator of legendary drum-show Umbela. Studied at music school and school of arts (Sochi), and also in Jazz Academy (Sweden, Stockholm).

Zarina is a magic forest nymph with many-sided skill of singing and playing many ancient musical instruments, with primitive Spirit of nature, with shaman wisdom and insight going along with her magnificent creativity. In youth she underwent dedication and received a shaman tambourine as a present. In accord with concepts of the Yakut Shamanism, shaman's tambourine is a winged Pegasus moving to the three-dimensional world.She performed with solo concerts in Paris, Brittany, Nym, Strasbourg, Lyunvil, Warsaw and in Russia. Took part in the documentary "Shamans of the World", won a grant "For saving the epos of Olonkho - a non-material masterpiece of UNESCO", and also released the album " Sakha Music in Yura Mountains" on a French label. Participant of the musical show "X-factor" (Warsaw), "American groom" (Miami). Resident of Buddha Bar (St. Petersburg).


Play Back

3000 $

    You receive 50 minutes program which includes:
  • – Performance with backing track
  • – Live vocal
  • – Djembe and Bongas
  • – 3 people


5000 $

    You receive 80 minutes program which includes:
  • – Completely live performance
  • – Live vocal + sampler
  • – Drum kit full set
  • – Live guitar and tri bass
  • – 5 people

Full show


    You receive 80 minutes program which includes:
  • – Live package + video mapping
  • – Installation
  • – Dancers
  • – Fancy-dress show
  • – 10 people