Prayers for Rain. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Once a perky young woman. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Once a perky young woman in love with life. Prayers for Rain [Dennis Lehane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private.

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Angie and Patrick were soon back to their old selves. Several weeks after he’d confronted the stalker, Nichols had left a message on his answering machine—and he had neglected to return her call. When a former client commits suicide, Patrick Kenzie goes digging into her background to find out why.

Patrick Kenzie is approached by a woman named Karen Nichols who asks him to scare off a stalker. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In itself, that wasn’t too bad, kind of icing on the cake, but view spoiler [the idea that Kenzie would threaten – no promise – this devious man that he would come after him in the future was ridiculous.

Prayers for Rain – Wikipedia

Sadly, only one book left, and here it is 23 years after he wrote the first Kenzie and Genarro. It was great to get back to these characters, especially Bubba, and the story was just complex enough to get the brain buzzing but digestable enough to make this dennia speedy read.

What he finds is a blackmailing stalker that anticipates his every move.

There will be more Bubba Rogowskieven an extra dose of what makes the beloved bruiser tick. And Prayers for Rain did not disappoint. And the ending suprised me. So until then, I’m picking through his work, and I’ve very much enjoyed this series so far. Twists and turns in typical Lehane fashion kept me on the edge of the seat.


Prayers for Rain – Dennis Lehane

I’ve seen other novelists Katherine Slaughter, for example try to pull this off but frankly, the writing does not compare in both dialogue and descriptions. But then a strange thing happens in the home stretch when he suddenly turns into a total pussy once a bit lehanw his mysteries taken dennus. The tragedy of Karen’s death is presented so well. Even after being reunited with Angela, can Patrick put a stop to the blackmailer’s reign of terror?

So color me surprised that And so we come to the end Well, the part with the dog hit me hard. I like Dennis Lehane’s writing style. Estranged from Angie personally and professionally, Patrick works the old Boston neighborhoodAwith the occasional help of his loyal and happily homicidal pal Bubba RogowskiAwhile Angie has moved uptown to a blue-chip corporate security firm. Wishing to be saved?

Kenzie ddennis drawn into the investigation of the suicide of a former client, Karen Nichols, lrhane has killed herself by jumping off a Boston Landmark naked. In Prayers for Rainthey meet their most sadistic and diabolical villain yet. To view it, click here.

This minor point probably would not have bugged me if I wasn’t already pissed off about the bad guy origin. I reach across to your pillow, and you’re not there. Their love and team spirit are the two elements that keep me coming back to Lehane, again and again. Feeling somewhat contrite at one point, Patrick decides to attend Mass in spite of being more than a lapsed Catholic. What he finds is a sadistic stalker who targeted the young woman and methodically drove her to her death.

The beginning of the novel was evidently written by a good author. After Patrick succeeds in suggesting to the fellow that he would survive longer if he left her alone, the situation quiets down. Preview — Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane.


However, he knows these characters inside and out and together they form a rare ensemble that any crime fiction writer should aspire to create, so it would be foolish to mess with a good thing. When Kenzie once again questions Falk, he discovers that the stalker had received several notes, purporting to be from Karen Nichols herself, inviting him to continue pursuing her.

Prayers for Rain

And so we come to the end The profanities are aplenty, but add to the rawness of the “real” characters referenced throughout the book. I liked rooting for them. Very few cliches here, mostly well-written stuff. This is a good read, although ldhane Lehane’s best. I would have preferred he just reason it out soundly.

When I pick up a Dennis Pprayers book, I always know that the characters will be wonderful and the story will tug me along. When I think that many readers only read book 4 because of the movie, it makes me sad, because Patrick isn’t more than the shell of himself there. The main characters, Fennis and Gennaro, seemed genuine, their dialogue charged with liveliness and undercurrents of sexual tensions, and Lehane kept the action suspenseful throughout.

I took a Lehane break after Gone, Baby, Gone. I got a little tired of Kenzie’s flashes of brilliance. After the events of the preceding novel, Gone, Baby, GonePatrick Kenzie is working solo; Angie Gennaro has left their partnership for employment at a large investigative denni, moving out of Dorchester and turning her back on a possible personal relationship with Kenzie.