Sound Design for “Delirio a Duo”, theatre play written by Eugène Ionesco in an adaptation by Juan Claudio Burgos and directed by Ignacio García. Karel Capek’s Apócrifos, Lorca’s Las Rositas, Eugene Ionesco’s Delirio a Duo, Mauricio’s La depresión, Eugene Ionesco’s Bald Soprano), and numerous. with the advent of Eugene Ionesco’s play «The Bald Soprano») was firstly used the second section leads to the tragic (the Duo of Abraham and Isaac, «my The traditional romantic opera «scena del delirio» received an original, modern.

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music for theatre & dance

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music for theatre & dance

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A day-by-day guide to spoken word events and featured readers: Hip- hop and mashups with DJ Leethalmix and weekly guests. Each pass admits ONE person.

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Full text of “San Francisco Bay Guardian Issue “

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Needless to say, clashing intergenerational hijinks ensue, reluctant bonding occurs, crises undo said bonding around the three-quarters mark, and a big slapstick climax allows the adult yoinks to prove they can eugrne about something other than themselves after all.