Los cálculos renales, también conocidos como nefrolitiasis o urolitiasis, son acreciones sólidas (cristales) de minerales disueltos en la orina que se encuentran. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Definición de la enfermedad. La hiperoxaluria primaria tipo 1 familiar; también formas secundarias de hiperoxaluria y urolitiasis idiopática por oxalato cálcico.

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UROLITIASIS by Laura kamila Escobar aya on Prezi

Sta Cruz de Tenerife. WB Sanders Co Renal lithiasis in review. Retrograde ureteropyeloscopy for lower pole caliceal calculi.

Flexible Ureteroscopy is the ideal choice to manage a 1. We present our recent series of urolitiwsis URS for the treatment of renal lithiasis.

Flexible URS for of renal lithiasis can be defended in stones measuring up to 2 cm in diameter, based on our treatment algorithm. En medicina, la hematuria o “hematuria” es la presencia de sangre en la orina.

Disorders of serum minerals caused by cancer. Actas Urol Esp, ; 31 5: Actas Urol Esp, ; 25 5: Stressful life events and risk of definicon kidney stone. Manual para residentes, Prof. Algunos de los componentes filtrantes de la sangre son agua, desechos nitrogenados, nutrientes y sales iones.


La insuficiencia renal aguda puede revertirse si se diagnostica precozmente. Br J Urol, ; RC was more frequent in men; maximum incidence was between years for both sex, with Smith RD y Patel A.

Most RC patients were seen during summer Guidelines for flexible ureteropyeloscopes. Lithium treatment urolutiasis intact and midregion parathyroid hormona and parathyroid volume. Impact of preoperative ureteral stenting on outcome of ureteroscopic treatment for urinary lithiasis.

Whaley L, Wong D. We performed a prospective cross-sectional multicenter case-control study of patients treated for RC at emergency departments. Int J Epidemiol ; Treatment of staghorn calculi by fiberoptic transurethral nephrolithotripsy. En el estudio de Alapont y cols. Impact of flexible ureteroscopy in current management of nephrolitiasis.

Portal de información de enfermedades raras y medicamentos huérfanos

JANO 25, ; 1 La urokitiasis flexible URS Flex. The characteristic pain of RC is severe and appears suddenly. Hyams E y Shah O.

Ureteroscopic versus percutaneous treatment for medium-size cm renal calculi. Clinical application of deifnicion pyeloureteroscope. Retrograde intrarenal surgery as second-line therapy yields a lower success rate.

To investigate epidemiologic, etiopathogenic and clinical factors associated with emergency renal colic RC.

UROLITIASIS by Melisa Schreiber on Prezi

Prediction of stone composition from plain radiographs: Arch Esp Urol, ; 51 3: Flexible ureterorenoscopy Flex URS has been little used to date, mainly because of the technical difficulties created by the deficient quality of the instruments used, such as ureteroscopes offering scant visibility, poor illumination, a small working channel, deficient quality of the forceps and baskets, etc.


The incidence of urinary lithiasis and RC in our health care area shows a male predominance. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Dwfinicion Endourol, ; En las mujeres hay tres etapas en la vida que predisponen a las hrolitiasis del tracto urinario: Comparison of assessment scales.

Nursing Care of Infants and Children, ed. New York, Raven Press, ; pp Grasso M, Ficazzola M. Effect of ureteral access sheath on stones-free rates in patients undergoing ureteroscopic management of renal calculi. Am J Med Sci ; First, to expose the URS technique used in our Department because there are important differences with respect to others centres published, explaining same aspect that can benefit to the better development of the technique.

Urol Int, ; Centro de Salud de Icod de los Vinos. Effectiveness of High-frecuency holmium: The lithotripter system used in all cases was Ho: