The Davison horoscope (sometimes called the Relationship horoscope) is set up . Synastry, comparing the aspects between two charts, can show us a little of. There is another technique for chart comparison called the “Davison and is detailed in Davison’s book, Synastry and Human Relationships. Please Read This Carefully: If you do not know all the information that is required by the Chart Form further down on this page, then please use this astrological.

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Synastry Books Compared

The Sun and Moon are also square. Iris was deeply stung by this second infidelity, and they were very close to divorce. Remember that a solar return chart is effective from birthday to birthday — in this case, from December to December Mercury conjoining the MC spoke loudly in sextile to Neptune in Aquarius in the 12th house: What may feel destined could also be a number of things.

Being at a cusp between two zodiacal segments is a pivotal, destabilizing influence. That Moon and Venus square may have a midpoint that is equal to Neptune…. Uranus is opposite the Sun. Synastry Aspects for Soulmates and Twinflames.

dabison Her book, Planetary Resonance: Here, I share with you my favorite books on the subject, and tell you exactly why they have earned top placement on my bookshelf. They do, however, show that there may be something here worth investigating.

The Davison Chart

The Davison Relationship Chart. There are plenty of interesting tidbits and examples to be found in the book. There is another technique for chart comparison called the “Davison Relationship Chart. Of course, anything that is at the bottom is opposite the top, the Mid-Heaven, the public image. Negative karma from the past can attract you even more strongly than positive karma. A Davison Relationship Chart has a date, time, and location — just like any natal chart.


Synastry by Ronald Davison This is an older text that any student of relationship astrology should enjoy.

Imo, it doesn’t make it invalid just not as “real” as the davison. On our main Synastry page, we offered an overview of considerations for compatibility.

She loved him even while she was killing him. This is a really basic incompatibility. Love Formulas-2 lists such things as good and very good synastry, as well as bad and very bad synastry.

Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology Love Formulas-2 by Nance McCullough This is the type of book that packs a lot of practical, to-the-point tips about relationship astrology into its pages. Each Davison chart and, in fact, any natal chart has a compensation or antidote for a challenging area in the chart, and this is apparent here in the position of the Sun in Sagittarius in relation to Moon—Saturn in Cancer. As a result, I recommend this work to students of astrology who already know a lot about relationship astrology, but not to those who are just learning.

Davison Relationship Chart

Time consuming, this stnastry may help. It shows how important the relationship is for each of them. The Chart for Bryn Hartman and the Murder was equally chilling.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My knowledge of this couple and their lives verifies what I call the magnetic compulsion to forge a relationship — or perhaps the destiny to resolve something already deeply known in the unconscious or the need to repeat a theme that was experienced before, as in a previous life. The composite is the natal of the relationship but as far as existing as a real entity cannot think of a better word synasty is not.


It simply means a lot of activity as a couple. It is very important to look at the connections from the Davison to the couples natal charts. BlaqueBirds I messed up and erased this from the post I made above. Another interpretation could be that this couple is working on levels beyond the material plane of existence — hence, the spiritual emphasis, which has been one of the strongest links between these two people from the beginning.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. One word of Warning though. Often a soul mate comes into your life simply to do this, but it does not mean it is lifelong. This relationship sucks pun intended. For instance, the midpoints between the two Suns, the two Moons, the two Mercurys, etc. Composite planets in the signs are covered in this work and not in Planets in Composite. This is a synastry chart of one person’s natal and the composite. When going over the other charts this could come in handy.

The house cusps are found by calculating the composite Mid-Heaven and then using that to find the rest for a particular latitude. Results are only viewable after voting.

This gem of a book has only recently been published.