7 मार्च Flowers white. It perenates by fleshy roots/root-tubers. Tuberous root is used in ayurvedic medicin. Cultivation of safed musli is more profitable. of many Ayurvedic tonics. The roots fetch an attractive market price (presently. Rs , per kg of dry peeled fleshy roots). Safed musli. CLIMATE. It can be. Chlorophytum borivilianum (family Liliaceae) is a high-value medicinal plant becoming rare because it is harvested fromthe wild. To encourage.

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Show full item record. Flowers are star shaped, 2cm across and yellow or green in color. If any deficiency is seen in growth of plant then immediate required spray should be given. Sign Up With Phone: Majority of respondents of both the categories had moderate attitude and there was found to be significant difference between tribals cultivatin non-tribals regarding their attitude towards improved cultivation of safed musli.

Safed Musli Cultivation Information Guide | Agri Farming

One can expect decent profits in commercial safed musli farming with good crop management practices. The total respondents 80 tribals, and 40 non-tribals who grow safed musli were available in Jhodal panchayat samiti.

Pests cultivaiton Diseases in Safed Musli Cultivation: The seed should be sown half inch depth in the soil. Warm and humid climatic condition with good amount of soil moisture during the growing season favour luxuriant vegetative growth and facilitate fleshy root development. It gives best result when grown under red soil rich in organic matter. Climate Required for Safed Musli Cultivation: For Safed musli, it required well prepared nursery beds.

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Apart from cow-dung, green manures like Sesbania, Crotalaria or Jammu and Pilli Pesara can be applied.

This crop is perfect for commercial cultivation as it has very good demand in the market. Roots are the economic part of this medicinal herb. At the time ciltivation the leaf fall, the tubers are light in colour and, as they mature by time, they turn into deep black colour. The seed rate depends on the cultivar and approximately to kg of seed is required to cover 1 acre crop.

KrishiKosh (कृषिकोश)

As part of the land preparation, raised beds should be prepared by keeping the distance of 24 inches and 12 inches of height to prevent water logging and for the proper development of culhivation tubers.

Make sure to the soil to fine tilth stage. Pest and their control: The major findings of the study are as follows: The seeds should be sown in a very well prepared seed bed which is heavily manured by using FYM or leaf litter in the first or second week of June and adequate moisture should be continuously maintained during absence of rain in early part of the season.

Introduction of Safed Musli Cultivation: Mainly tuber harvesting is done in the month of March or April. Local Names of Safed Musli in India: The crop may be sown after receipt of rains.

After sowing cover bed with light soil.

The practice of planting on top of the ridges of cm height at a row distance of 30×15 cm is found adequate for obtaining cultivwtion yield. At maturity the leaves start yellowing and ultimately dry up from the collar part and fall down.

The sprouted fleshy propagules should be planted in the field in first or second week of June, followed by irrigation. Seed Rate Usually propagation is done through tubers or seeds. Time of sowing Optimum time for muslk of Safed musali is from June to August month. Make sure to ot drip-lines at the middle of each of the raised beds. Land Preparation in Safed Musli Cultivation: The seeds are black in colour and with angular edges.



How to submit article. Its roots are used for preparing various drugs. Spacing Depending upon plant saed habit, use spacing of 10 inches x 12 inches. The respondents of both the muli possessed minimum knowledge regarding some of the subaspects of improved cultivation of safed musli culltivation.

If you are planning for large scale or commercial cultivation of musli, soil test needs to be carried out to find out the soil health and it provides the opportunity to supplement the soil with deficient micro-nutrients. They are found to give good yield and high saponin content. It is a disease which causes red, orange and yellow leaf spots on plants. Intercultural Operations in Safed Musli Cultivation: Nursery bed should be well prepared on which seedlings are raised.

During digging of plants, fleshy root bunches should be lifted form the soil. Please check your email. Like any tuberous crops, Musli is better grown on raised beds. I agree to the Terms. The growing method of musli is very easy and anyone who has no experience of farming can go for it. Application of Metacid 0.