About Claus Nordbruch: German-Austrian historian currently living in South- Africa. Nordbruch is considered to be in the far right spectrum. For giving. Claus Nordbruch (Q). German opinion journalist Germany. 0 references. given name ยท Claus. 0 references. date of birth. 29 August 1 reference. Claus Nordbruch Biography – – Claus Nordbruch Biography and List of Works – Claus Claus Nordbruch Is the author of books such as Die Weltrepublik.

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Toben means what he says. He wrote his thesis on the concept of duty, focussing in particular on Siegfried Lenz who is considered to be the leading proponent in post war Germany of the essential and complicated question on the possible combination of Humanity and Duty. In total, no fewer than 16 speakers from all over the world had been invited.


Nordbruch, Claus: Bleeding Germany Dry

Alliierte Kriegspolitik gegen Deutschland nach Please try your request again later. In times dominated by political correctness, however, this term is permanently misused and reversed to an opposite meaning.

It can not serve to protect intellectual liberty either. Once again, good has triumphed over evil. Imposing such a stigma extinguishes a free exchange of views.

Claus Nordbruch – Wikidata

For the current IHR catalog, with a complete listing of books and audio and video tapes, send one dollar to: Political Correctness sets up rigid barriers to clajs that block an open discussion aimed at solving problems, and thus impedes further intellectual development. One might have expected this in the Federal Republic of Germany, but definitely not in the “country of unlimited possibilities,” the haven of nordbrjch speech Shortly before the conference actually began, it had to be canceled!


This is the one and only tool of serious scholarship. Get to Know Us. As early as November 25, the conference organizers informed their readership:. In doing so, they were, however, so conscientious in updating their webpage and releasing newsletters they even announced some internal information not really meant for the eyes of the general public. Regarding the latter, Dr Nordbruch is of the opinion that mainly Marxist historians of the former German Democratic Republic had created this accusation of genocide, which is nordbtuch propagated by conformist historiography and opportunist journalism.

Both argument and counter-argument build the essential fulcrum point of mental development, especially if such arguments are vehemently defended. On April 20, in a malicious letter to nordbruxh organizer of the conference, the chairman of the JDL, Bill Maniaci, acknowledged:. As early as November 25, the conference organizers informed their readership: The operating motto is as simple as it is effective: They invited me because they believe in dialog.

Usually these individuals are legally prosecuted and then given large fines or sent to prison. Login Become a volunteer. But scholarly research cannot be nordbrucch except by investigating existing premises and by not assuming existing conclusions to be correct. What was wrong, i.


One need not be a psychoanalyst to recognize in this the source of German self-alienation. After years of research he offers proof that this genocidial accusation is based on uncritical German colonial publications of the German Imperial era as well as on the British war propaganda during World War I. In my opinion it is, instead, politically motivated. Just like the campaign against Mel Gibson’s movie epic, The Passion of the Christ which campaign, by the way, was also led by another influential Jewish organization, the Anti-Defamation Leaguesooner or later their actions and their methods of nordhruch ultimately backfire on these opponents.

Whenever, by means of this deadly method of argument, someone is successfully labeled a racist, fascist or sexist, he norebruch degraded to the status of a leper, with no further opportunity to present his view.

It is these concerns that he addresses in his books. Eine Analyse des Werkes von Siegfried Lenz: By far, most of the nordbruc on Dr.

Today has been a very good day for the Jewish Community of Sacramento who will not be forced to live with your insults during Yom Ha Shoah, and for the Jewish Defense League who can add another battle star to our banner.