The caracol represents the ideals of an autonomous Zapatista government with direct reference to a distant Maya past on two levels, and. Para conocer la historia y el trabajo de los Caracoles, las Juntas de Buen Gobierno y de los Caracoles Zapatistas se retoma la palabra del al anunciar su. Professor Marissa Forbis, a Chiapas veteran, explains the current arrangement in the Zapatista caracoles in more detail during a recent.

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Anarchism portal Mexico portal Socialism portal. In and we taught other groups of promoters and finished with more than indigenous people able to teach classes in their villages.

The now-famous Comandante Esther who appeared before Congress is the product of more than 10 zapatiwtas of political work in these villages. Like all Zapatista names, the name reflects a carefully thought-out concept.

Family income began to fall as a result. Tuberculosis, respiratory problems, rheumatism, skin infections, malaria, and typhoid are some of the common illnesses of poverty seen, and women suffer frequent miscarriages brought on by malnutrition and lack of prenatal care. Today, more than 10 years later, the panorama has changed. They are run by village health promoters who also run the vaccination and preventative medicine campaigns. Unfortunately, the cooperative has been unable to expand into the Mexican market except in the state of Puebla.

Subscribe Subscribe to the Schools for Chiapas email newsletter. What happens is that here they gain the tools to be able to recognize their rights and to stand up for themselves.

The support of La Garriga, a small, prosperous area in Barcelona, has been very important to this region.


Its first profits went toward the creation of a regional food store. Zapatistaa classes of students have now graduated.

What is Zapatista Autonomy?

The Internet office is almost done. Autonomous education has been functioning here since and now a total of education delegates give classes to 2, pupils caraocles seven municipalities. The autonomous clinics do not have doctors or nurses.

Before that, the Neo-Zapastistas used the title of Aguascalientes after the site of the EZLN-organized National Democratic Cxracoles on 8 August [11] ; this name gave the allusion to the Convention of Aguascalientes during the Mexican Revolution where Emiliano Zapata and other warlords met in and Zapata made an alliance with Francisco Villa. All of these issues are looked at in our autonomous schools. It is caracoels of cement blocks and decorated with huge colorful Zapatista murals.

Happy Caracoled Years from the entire Schools for Chiapas team www. These courses were developed by indigenous education promoters from the seven municipalities over the course of dozens of meetings. Pintando un maestro Zapatista”. In this zone there is no dental service, no clinics with operating rooms, no hospital services, much less an ambulance. This zone has one of the two largest autonomous hospitals in rebel territory.

Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities – Wikipedia

We also understand that the Zapatista concept of autonomy is not about separating from the Mexican state. The village understood and agreed that it was fair to use the money for the health of everyone. The work of a small group of women physiotherapists from Catalonia stands out in the northern zone. Women organized and started a project that has allowed them to keep their families afloat.

The first and second generations of promoters were trained with the help of civil society, but the third and fourth generations were trained by graduates without external input. Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities Zapatista coffee cooperatives. Now more than education promoters give classes in as many communities.


Experience has shown that the first one to raise a fist will lose politically. The profits also go to support the travel of the autonomous councils and other parts of the organization.

The cafacoles of an indigenous zone or zapatiatas are the ones who decide, at an assembly of all their members, whether or not they will belong to the autonomous municipality. De facto autonomous region of Chiapas. Despite difficulties, they are beginning to organize agricultural production. Like other Zapatista promoters, none of them are paid, although the community helps them out by giving them food and supporting them during their studies.

In the last year, since the advent of the Good Government Board, they have organized a single education system for the whole zone. Schools for Chiapas photos Anastasio explains that they are only able to perform minor surgery because they lack the equipment for major operations. They deal with ongoing and new matters brought before them.

Education promoters are chosen by the people, who ask them if they want to participate. Raul Zibechi — Zapatista Autonomy. Before, all this that we now have created was a dream and look, we already have achieved it. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.