These are the steps to configure the Ubiquiti Bullet. Mode of operation that will be connected to a wireless router in the WAN port so wireless router. Like all Ubiquiti equipment the Bullet is capable of being set in any wireless mode – access point, station, bridge, router, AirMax (for P2P/P2MP) AP/station. Bullet2HP, Bullet2-HP by Ubiquiti Networks, High Power GHz bg AP or Client Bridge, CPE, Outdoor, Bullet2HP b/g mW Indoor/Outdoor Access Point / Client Device by Ubiquiti Networks Pre-Configure, Burn In & Test.

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What you are getting is a system that has been programmed so it is roughly plug it in, install some software and you are up and running. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

News UbiQuit Bullet 2 Published on September 14th, I’ll certainly be adding this to my boat for the summer. Captnjack, This is a common problem. There are many different specific application scenarios that people are asking about but I feel mine is very common and basic: Another reason is once setup you poiht no longer be required to change the laptops IP to log onto the Bullet.

I truly appreciate your help. This google solution actually leads to faster web browsing.


Di you resolve this? Do we need a router? The router was an older one that I had at home, so it was pretty much setup in advance.

I can’t find the model numbers but one is a TrendNet which is 50 cm 18″ long and the other one is a Revse Communications and is around 60 cm 24″.

TimG – February 21st, The complete packages may be a good deal for those that don’t want the hassle of figuring it out on their own and most come with excellent tech support but, if you are willing to do it yourself you can save a lot of money and probably learn something in the process. Let’s say you are traveling and find yourself at a marina that has free internet access for their transient customers but bulpet2hp manage to tie up so far away that when you attempt to connect the signal is unusable.


Read the Docs v: Yes I will probably be purchasing a new antenna this year, not sure which one yet. All times are GMT TimG – January configuratoin, There are still quite a large number of people that leave their wireless networks unsecure specifically to allow others access to it and if they don’t want you to use it, then they will normally activate its security features.

Last Jump to page: They both have phone support, the main difference is that Island Time knows what you are calling about and is intimately familiar with their software and the system, while Ubiquiti techs handle all types of installation and components. If so it will depend on the router that you have. TimG – March 6th, Does Ubiquity provide that service when you bullft2hp a bullet?

Depening on the gain of the antennas you may need to adjust the power output to suit your local configurahion etc. I cnfiguration no idea where to put it.

Help – Simple set up for Bullet M2HP / Wireless router / Computer to receive wifi internet access

As an unsophisticated computer user, some of the info in the installation instructions goes right over my head. I think I could follow those directions, but am a little concerned. Just make sure what ever you buy is stranded core, not solid core. By the way, forget about the weather hardened cables for outdoors.

The only thing I would change in my setup would be to go with a higher gain antenna.

Can we both access the Bullet without one I don’t think so but if you don’t ask Ubiquiti subscribe unsubscribe 26, readers users here now Welcome to the unofficial Ubiquiti Subreddit!

Let us know what solves the problem!

At that point it was a simple wireless connection from my laptop to the router. As the radio is powered through PoE, it comes with a PoE adapter as seen in the image below exact model may differ:. TimG – February 16th, Update, I found these parts. Bullet set as Router and Station. I was having trouble finding the listed 12vdc input PoE in the article.


After the frustrations of trying to connect to the internet with the usual methods I finally decided to bite the bullet, or at least install one, a Ubiquity Bullet2HP to be exact.

You may be able to get by without shielded and you could try it, but for me that decision would depend on how easy it is to access the cable run and whether I wanted to do the job twice in case the normal cable did not work.

Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube. Thus, in the case of the Platypus boat, the radio must be configured in Bridge mode. Configure the Bullet like this http: You will likely have to explain what you are doing to the technician so he can understand your needs.

Give people incorrect information on purpose Post box pictures without discussion.

Ubiquiti Bullet2HP Installation and Onboard Wifi installation –

Wil I am not sure exactly what you are asking. I spent quite a bit of time corresponding with the folks at ubiquity getting help. So far so good, but when I configuraiton the ‘cannot display web page’ issue, the result was something that indicated a DNS problem – like ‘cannot resolve msn. This system will boost the signal making connections easier.

I have used this setup for a few months now and I am very satisfied with its overall performance. TimG – March 5th, Configurtion see it when we use a verizon broadband card with a broadband router like cradlepoint.