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EN is a European standard series for intruder alarms and hold-up systems . It is not the easiest task to understand and implement all the documentation. EN was phased in to replace British Standards BS, BS and BS and was adopted in October utilising PD , an enabling. Like all other professional alarm companies, since 1st October , we are installing to BS EN, PD & BS The old British Standards BS

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The table shows power supply requirements for the grade of system. The property is likely to have something of interest to an experienced thief.

EN 50131: Grades in intruder alarm systems

EN Alarm Transmission As some of the standards are still in the development stage SSAIB will inform companies in the near future clarifying which documents are required closer to the date of implementation. Customers who bought this product also bought En50311 Who is this standard for? There are b classifications of components: Extent of the system Signalling Tamper security Within the new European Standards there are four security grades: It is assumed that the intruder could gain access by penetration of floors, walls and ceilings.

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So, the quality standards are clearly set. EN is a European standard series for intruder alarms and hold-up systems. Review our cookies information for more details. But this example is only valid if the power supply, alarm transmission system and warning devices used by the hold-up PA parts are all grade 4.


One of the most important aspects of the EN requirements is the concept of a security grade. EN Grade 2 is the maximum grading that any wireless intruder alarm can achieve.

There are four classifications of components. Insurance companies will now only allow systems to be installed that comply with the European Standards, in association with PD Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. The implementation of the European Standards which is a risk based regime, has affected those of us and we now have to produce a written Risk Assessment.

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. As new parts of the European standards are completed they will eventually replace those parts of the PD, which will eventually be phased out.

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The EN standard says that it is not necessary to use the same grade of component throughout an intruder system. Search all products by. Naturally it covers all aspects of alarm systems from authorization, redundancy, user roles, tampers to name just a few, but we will cover only the main aspects here.

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EN 50131 European Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems

The European standards have been under development for some time, and not all of the standards are complete, but work on these standards continues. An insurance company may not insure your asset if it is not guarded by at least a Grade 2 system.

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European Standards | Crosby Intruder Alarms – Liverpool UK

The thief could be very experienced with intruder alarm systems and possess a number of tools and equipment to overcome the system. It is possible to have a defined part of a system at a higher grade so long as all associated parts are at the same or higher grade.

It is the norm to describe the Security Grades like this: Normative references Definitions Abbreviations. From the lowest Grade 1 up to Grade 4.

The intruder is unlikely to be working alone. If your current system complies with the old British Standards and is working effectively changes are not required. Newsagent with cigarette sales Grade 4 would be for extremely high-risk domestic and higher risk commercial properties e.