Buy Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System, Retex Kit on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified It tends to flip in weird directions when I don’t style it. It does come with a manual. I believe it was 35 minutes to an hour depending how long your is (even with virgin hair). Sep 3, by Stella. See all 2 answers. 1. Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System utilizes advanced ionic technology to straighten the hair with amazing results. This bre.

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Avoid sweat, don’t wet you hair during shower, and sleep with a satin pillowcase. Washed hair with moisturizing shampoo.

Bio Ionic Retex Instructions: How To Apply Bio Ionic Retex

Apply to hair ends ibstructions minutes after finishing your application. The hair on the bottom of the head got the full hour treatment since it was the first section for the cream to be applied, and it was much straighter when I used the flat iron than the top sections, which only got 30 min treatment.

I have short hair that is very unruly, coarse and thick. I think this is somewhat a way to make you go to a professional salon. Rinse and then apply the mosturizing reconstructor. Did not use conditioner like directions indicated. All this measures just for 72 hours.


I like this result much better because it looks like I got a Brazillian Keratin treatment, natural-looking straight, frizz free hair. After finding about Bio Ionicand reading the reviews here, I took the plunge. Make sure that your application time is no longer than 6 to 7 minutes.

Then start massaging each section. Apply all over hair. If you wait long enough like a year can you do the procedure on your’re whole head, or can you only do the re-growth?

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I have long hair up boi my chest and only used a third of a jar. This application should be more liberal. Do not try to reduce ironing time by running the iron too fast. I did not leave the product on long enough on the more resistant parts of my hair as I should have. Determine type of hair and protect accordingly iProtect -line of demarcation to ends, after you finish with the application of Cream 1.

The consistency of the product will help keep the section in place. There are two tubs that fit nicely into one box. Is she pregnant only perform the service after their first 3 months of pregnancybreastfeeding, or taking any hormonal replacement medications. Secure Shopping shop with confidence. Home Bio Ionic Retex Instructions: I was scared to do it, but I’m so happy with the results!


But you can do it at home.

Use a fine comb to work the roots near the face. At the occipital bone area, section hair from ear to ear, pin up.

Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System, Retex Kit | Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

Apply Agave Hydrating Mask sparingly, if needed for detangling. Naturally, I have very unmanageable thick, dark, kinky hair that is very ionix to straightening and easily frizz-prone.

Look for the elasticity of a thin rubber band konic compared to the elasticity of a thick rubber band. So in order for me to help all others who suffered the same as I, of not finding the instructions, here it goes: Ionic Technology Top 10 Hair Treatments.

Rather, it looks like I was born with naturally straight hair. Modified by Best Digital Products.

Bio Ionic Retex straightening process

You will never go wrong with our top pick clippers with the most durable, powerful, and high-end features. Use highest iron temperature, taking sections as usual. Hair is veryy hard and sticks together like crazy at this point.