Proving your identity is required for many day-to-day activities like completing an application, cashing a cheque or renting a hotel room. B.C. residents should. You need a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada or to apply for government You can apply for a Social Insurance Number when you arrive in Canada. FILMARRAY® BCID Panel – Blood Culture ID Panel for FILMARRAY® 21 January, BioFire Submits Special (k) Application to the FDA for the use of.

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Enjoy your time in Canada! We think this information will be useful for you as we receive a lot of questions from our College students and working holiday participants asking us about how to get a BCID once they arrive to Canada. Will Applicaion get a 5 year renewal in ?

BC Services Card: Your Care Card and More

You do not need to have a previous driving license in your country to get your BCID. Hi Elsie, Thanks for connecting with us. She followed by telling me that I cannot have all three names as my first names. Problem name on care card and drivers licence not exactly the same. Its a waste of my time and effort to do the victoria thing when I need to go to renew my drivers license anyway. Hi Shawna, ICBC is the authority on licensing and we encourage you to send this comment to them directly.

Hi there, I have a similar problem to a couple of the commentators. Thanks for connecting with us here and we hope that you are feeling better. It seems like a lot of unnecessary work on our part.


I made an appointment at a clinic called the unattached patient clinic as advised when i hopelessly called the good people in the emergency department for advice. V8W 9E3 Lower Mainland: If so, how to do it? I just came back this month November and wondering how to go about doing both. The BC Services Card website is your best source of information.

How to get a BCID as an international student or Working Holiday in Canada

Hi Jen, We are looking into this for you and hope to get you some more information next week. Provincial government ID is getting an upgrade.

I have lost my old card card so I have my new care card with no picture on it or signature and my new Canadian Citizenship Paper. However, we did not get a care card. He then checked formm my carecard and dl doesnt match, which is the case, so there goes the old problem LoLs, so he asked me if i have any photocopy of my appliaction documents i didnt bring it.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® BCID Panel – clinical diagnostics products | bioMérieux Clinical Diagnostics

I asked the lady on the phone that why should I change my name with the incomplete middle name? I have lost all my pieces of ID that had a signature on them. Sorry to hear your frustration. Are we supposed to affix our signature there? Like kent said about the 2 pieces of id question i wonder if you choose to get the cards separate rather then together then would the bc service card photo be able to be used as 2nd piece.

We contacted ServicesBC with your question and they informed us that the new care cards use a renewal process to keep personal information secure and help prevent fraud such as identity theft or misuse of government services. Anyways this is what happened, they took both my old dl and care card and asked me if i want the combo card and I say yes.


Do I send fogm copy of the marriage licence and state that the two middle names are spelled wrong. Your Care Card and More. I did change my address before and icbc was quick to send me a sticker address change. Is she doomed to not getting a card or what do you suggest she does. My husband appliation had his licence renewed and chose to get the separate services card.

Governments and organizations sometimes require that documents for use in foreign countries be authenticated in order to be accepted.

I recently changed my last name on my licenceas I just got married. I just received my BC Services Card. Seems a waste of money to me. She said my PR card name does not match with the other ID. The gentleman had said to photo copy my applkcation certificate and mail it in to the Provincial Government. I brought with me the documents for presentation and was advised by friends to go to Service Canada, is that right??? Simply show them your medical plan card from Manitoba till your coverage with BC kicks in.