La arquitectura móvil has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Poseidon, Yona Friedman Be the first to ask a question about La arquitectura móvil. by Yona Friedman and a group of architects was officially has recounted, instituted .. Cuadernos summa – Nueva visión – 1 – La arquitectura movil de Yona. Cyril Veillon and others published L’univers erratique de Yona Friedman } La arquitectura móvil: hacia una ciudad concebida por sus habitantes / Yona.

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It is not a call for revolution, but a call to resistance. This introduction of elements on a three-dimensional grid with several movol on piles permits a changeable occupancy of the space by means of the convertibility of the forms and their yon to multiple uses. This page was last edited on 31 Augustat The teaching of architecture was largely responsible for the “classical” architect’s under-estimation of the role of the user.

Retrieved from ” https: It described a new kind of mobility not of the buildings, but for the inhabitants, who are given a new freedom. Interest in the movul of participation has brought Friedman to architects like Giancarlo De Carlo and Bernard Rudofsky.

His best-known work is the concept for a Spatial City ‘La Ville Spatiale’,in which he aimed to provide maximum flexibility through ‘megastructures’ over existing cities and other locations. The lower level may be earmarked for public life and for premises designed for community services as well as pedestrian areas.

Only one half of the spatial city would be occupied. Yona Friedman has been through the Second World War escaping the Nazi roundups and lived for about a decade in the city of Haifa in Israel before moving permanently to Paris in Conversely, the form of the volumes included within the grid depends solely on the occupant, and their configuration set with a “Flatwriter” in the grid is completely free.

Friedman proposed then teaching manuals for the fundamentals of architecture for the general public. Mobile architecture embodies an architecture available for a “mobile society”. InYona Friedman published his first manifesto: This is why, in the mobile city, buildings should:. He was influential in the late s and early s, best known for his theory of mobile architecture. Otros libros del mismo autor. Despite the perennial utopian label, Friedman said: In Yona Friedman’s own words “The city, as a mechanism, is thus nothing other than a labyrinth: A better life in towns by Yona Friedman Book 9 editions published between and in English and Dutch and held by 51 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.


The tiering of the spatial city on several independent levels, one on top of the other, determines “spatial town-planning” both from the functional and from the aesthetic viewpoint. Inthe X International Congress of Modern Architecture in Dubrovnik, his “Manifeste de l’architecture mobile” contributed to question definitely the daring will planning to architectural design and urbanism.

A documentation of Friedmans intellectual relationships and other resources, an interview with Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi about Frieman, and a comprehensive bibliography round out the book. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

Friedman, Yona [WorldCat Identities]

The basis of its design is that of trihedral elements which operate as “neighbourhoods” where dwellings are distributed without a price. Comment vivre entre les autres sans etre chef et sans etre esclave by Yona Friedman Book 10 editions published between and in French and Spanish and held by 49 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

The second part presents an essay by Manuel Orazi that reconstructs the many facets of Freidman’s work since his formative years and places it within the political and geographical context of its time”–Last page. The existence of a state mafia results from the impossibility of the classic democratic state to keep the arrquitectura once its size exceeds certain limits, and the ‘media mafia’ is a direct result of the same inability in global communication Worldwide.

It also features a vast range of documents related to his work.

Friedman, Yona 1923-

In his words, these highlights are not meant as a testament nor do they, form a coherent whole. The book is also a fierce critique of the myth of global communication. Arquitectura y Libros Horario: The book includes building structure studies, frieedman design theories, observations on regional development, as well as design manuals for self-construction and competition projects.


Following some recent publications that have reasserted the importance of Friedman’s work, Pro Domo is “a collection of fragments of scattered topics,” a set of “milestones” selected by the author himself.

Friedman sought to provide people in every part of the world with the knowledge and fundamental structures to determine their own environment for living and to enhance friecman independence and self-reliance.

Inin Madras, India, Friedman completed the Museum of Simple Friedjan in which the principles of self-construction from local materials like bamboo were applied. The spaces in this grid are rectangular and habitable modular “voids”, with an average area of square meters. As well as an indictment, this book will simultaneously be an act of encouragement: This new book offers a unique collection of brief texts and annotations as well as an abundance of images, sketches, drawings, watercolors etc.

Most widely held works about Yona Friedman. He became a French citizen in It was during that conference, and thanks especially to the youth of the Team 10, that “mobile friedmab was coined in the sense of “mobility of living. This grid suspended in space outlines a new cartography of the terrain with the help of a continuous and indeterminate homogeneous network with a major positive outcome: The superposition of levels should make it possible to build a whole industrial city, or a residential or commercial city, on the same site.

Because even non-professionals can understand and apply his method, he wrote also howto comics.