Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 2 by Apicius. Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome by Apicius. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Apicius is a collection of Roman cookery recipes, usually thought to have been compiled in the . Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome. Trans. Joseph Dommers. Full text. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (K), or click on a page.

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To be exact, it took these generations eighteen centuries to discover and to appreciate the heritage that was theirs, buried at the foot of Vesuvius. Their state of mind and their intolerance towards civilized dining did not improve with the advent of Christianity. The gastronomic life of Europe was under the complete rule aipcius old Rome until the middle of the seventeenth century.

Or, they are cranky, hungry, starved, miserable, and they turn savage now and then. Aug 02, Gretchen rated it liked it Shelves: Food materials, we repeat, were never as cheap and as abundant as they are today. The preservation of Apicius seems entirely accidental. Vinidarius includes with his 31 recipes more instructions for cooking and serving the dinung than Apicius does.

The motive was purely commercial.

Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome by Apicius

In rendering the ancient text into English we, too, have endeavored to follow Humelbergii example; hence the almost literal translation of the originals before us, namely, Torinus, Humelbergius, Lister, Bernhold, Schuch and the latest, Giarratano-Vollmer which reached us in in time for collating.

As such, they may not be included but be appended to the traditional text. Anacharsis’ description of a banquet at Athens, dating back to the fourth century B.

Si tratta di una raccolta di ricette e consigli tradizionali sulla preparazione e sul mantenimento delle pietanze, le quali sono suddivise in base alla loro tipologia in dieci libri, dagli ortaggi alle vivande prelibate. We may safely join Vollmer in his belief that M.


The sacred obligations imposed upon “barbarians” by the virtue of hospitality had been often forgotten by the super-refined hosts of the Renaissance. Viewing Apicius from such a materialistic point of view he should become very popular in this age of ours so keen for utilities of every sort. And so do many dishes we eat today resemble those once enjoyed by Apicius and his friends. Without these qualities there can be no higher gastronomy. The Roman host just broke the law, that’s znd.

Had ocokery lived to see the final result it would certainly contain fewer faults. To say that the Romans were afflicted on a national scale with a strange cooekry mania as some interpreters want us wnd believe would be equivalent to the assertion that all wine-growing nations were nations of drunkards. When the snails are fattened to the point that they cannot get back their shells fry them in oil. The editors of this wonderful translation provide many scholarly additions.

Here perhaps Apicius is blamed for a dastardly attempt on the royal lady’s life for this daughter of the Protestant Gustavus Adolphus was in those days not the only crowned head in danger of being dispatched by means of some tempting morsel smilingly proffered by some titled rogue.

We recall, Petronius, describing some of these “stunts” is a dome of Nero whom he satirizes as “Trimalchio”.

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Adequate distribution of our foods and rational use thereof seem to be one of the greatest problems today. Only seventy-five years ago energetic moves made possible a fruitful pilgrimage to this shrine of humanity, ikperial today not more than two-thirds but perhaps the most important parts of the city have been opened to our astonished eyes by men who know. As for the overwhelming majority of the cooking animals, they behave much more “naturally.

We remember reading in Lanciani Rodolfo L.: Refresh and try again. On the contrary, it is quite probable that weights and measures are not correct: Cover with sausage-skin or paper, bind together, and place the kid in a cookwry or a shallow pan, adding liquamenoil and wine. He was for five years manager of catering at the Hotel Pfister in Milwaukee; for two and a half years he was inspector and instructor of the Canadian Pacific Railway; he was connected with some of the leading hotels in New York City, and with the Eppley and the Van Orman Hotels chains, in executive capacity.


Such atrocities as the willful destruction of huge quantities of food of every description on the one side and starving multitudes on the other as seen today never occurred in antiquity. A considerable number of the recipe and page numbers in the index are incorrect; however, they have been preserved as printed. Eternally demolishing old models in a manner of an economical sculptor, nature uses the same old clay to create new specimens. Dininng our broiled fish and bacon? Thus a fragmentary Apicius has been handed down to us in manuscript form through the centuries, through the revolutionary era of Christian ascendancy, through the dark ages down to the Renaissance.

The book has claims even upon our busy and practical generation. During the reign of Caesar and Augustus severe laws coookery passed, fixing the sums to be spent for public and private dinners and specifying the edibles to be consumed.

Cooper, New York, N. Surely, this is no sign of retrogression but of tenacity. Athenaeus also mentions one Apion who wrote a book on luxurious living. This was a gift for my spouse who is a gourmet cook. Hence, the culinary conditions of ancient Rome were exactly the opposite of today’s state of affairs. The vigorous heat of the water will cook the thick stalks and the steam will cook the tops.

University of Nebraska Library, Omaha, Neb. So let us tell the truth, and let us sum up in a few words: