So, as a way to get ANSYS Mechanical users out there started down the road of loving APDL commands, we got together and came up with a. Directly type in the commands into a text file from scratch. This assumes a good knowledge of the ANSYS command language and the associated options. ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. ansys apdl.

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PROD – Multiplies variables. VINP – Finds the pairwise intersection of volumes. SF – Specifies surface loads on nodes. VDDAM – Specifies the velocity spectrum computation constants for the analysis of shock resistance of shipboard structures. TYPE – Sets the element type attribute pointer. GRP – Specifies the grouping mode combination method. The layout is explained in the help: EDCTS – Specifies mass scaling and scale factor of computed time step for an explicit dynamics analysis.

CYCPHASE – Provides tools for determining minimum and maximum possible result values from frequency couplets produced in a modal cyclic symmetry analysis.


VSBA – Subtracts areas from volumes. LIST – Lists out the sets in the results file.

DUMP – Dumps the contents of a binary file. You refer to entities by their ID number. If you issue an NSEL and get say the nodes on the top of your part that you want to apply a load to. ESEL – Selects a subset of elements.

If you need to do that yourself because you want to apply a load or boundary condition in a certain direction besides the global Cartesian, use NROTATE. EDIS – Specifies stress initialization in an explicit dommand full restart analysis.

EDNB – Defines a nonreflecting boundary in an explicit dynamic analysis.

ANSYS Command File Creation and Execution

LINP – Finds the pairwise intersection of lines. VSBA – Subtracts areas from volumes.

GEOM – Defines the geometry specifications for the radiation matrix calculation. VADD – Adds separate volumes to create a single volume. K Commands K – Defines a keypoint.

20 APDL Commands Every ANSYS Mechanical User Should Know – PADT, Inc. – The Blog

SSMT – Specifies preintegrated membrane thermal effects for shell sections. SSBT – Specifies preintegrated bending thermal effects for shell sections. ESLA – Selects those elements associated with the selected areas. MFEM – Add more element types to a previously defined field number.


Mechanical APDL Command Reference

PLMC – Plots the commanc coordinates from a mode-superposition solution. EDPC – Selects and plots explicit dynamic contact entities. This is where you can play with your results, make your own plots, and do some very sophisticated post-processing. DSUM – Specifies the double sum mode combination method.

CYL4 – Creates a circular area or cylindrical volume anywhere on the working plane. SFL – Specifies surface loads on lines of an area. About This Reference 1. ANPRES – Produces an animated sequence of the time-harmonic pressure variation of an engine-order excitation in a cyclic harmonic analysis.

FORM – Specifies cmomand format of the file dump. GSUM – Calculates and prints geometry items.