On March 12, Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, “The New Species”. It is very brief – approximately words. As she expressively forbids reposting. Amitakh Stanford – Xee-A Twelve Rescue Quotes. Uploaded by oneironaut. This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness. By Amitakh Stanford Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth .

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They have trouble accepting that perhaps they’re just losers, so amitqkh resort to Amitakh’s writings as an alternative, which state that if they believe everything she writes, they’re special and their souls will be saved in the Rescue Mission. The Anunnaki Remnants brought with them some of the artifacts of Atlantis, and they’re hoping when the Anunnaki Elite return, they’ll be pleased with what they’ve done.

Nobody else can stand in the way of the Qualas. An example of what I mean is that the essays and material reveal the thoughts of a megalomaniac. This shows that the Plan was hatched a long, long time ago. Even things much smaller than grains of sand have consciousnesses.

They know who they are! Rags to Riches in the Anunnaki World. When The Last Dance Begins. Later, Amitakh continues to demonstrate her psychic abilities by exclaming that she knows all three syllables the first two that she would have to be a 33rd degree Freemason to know, the last one that nobody knows which obviously makes her psychicbut she says she will not disclose the last syllable or how she got it because of how dangerous it is.


This is what Ata-i-lek is so furious about and is trying to dislodge from me by any means, including flattery, cajoling, threats, force and deception. Haidakhan Babaji’s Words of Wisdom.

Since England was the largest empire in the world at one point, it is only logical to assume that they are the reason everything sucks. Anunnaki also groom children and exploit them to fulfil their sexual appetites.

Amitakh Stanford Archives – How To Exit The Matrix : How To Exit The Matrix

They are NOT people. After this, talks about stupid shit like how Darkness is the evil mastermind behind the New Age movement, and all of the New Age gurus are actually working for him.

The reason it appears to be spherical is because it spins so fast. However, we are not New Age. Some apparently harmless entertainment is hardly that. He also beat me up amitxkh. However, the physical bodies housing all categories of all consciousness are made up of Matter Evil and are influenced by the programming embedded in them.

You don’t want a leader that belongs to the same sex as Queen Victoria, do you?

Amitakh Stanford

Most of these articles revolve around Satan and the Divine Mother. The illusion of no-motion is what keeps the illusion of motion going, and once the illusion that nothing is moving xmitakh, everything really will stop moving and the universe will be destroyed. Outside the apparent sphere formed by the hexahedron, is a pair of protective “spheres” that I call lakoos.

Acid Test to Identify Anunnaki Descendents. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. The important information therein, in a series of articles by herself and other researchers, covers the divine secrets of everything on Earth and everything in the Universe. Lions and Dragons and Bears, Oh My! Amitakh’s fanbase usually consists of all sorts of people who share the common trait of batfuck insanity, paranoid schizohrenia, and the antisocial personality disorder.


As disproof of this assumption, always remember Victoria. Woe to the World – The Grim is Come.

Xee-A Twelve – Encyclopedia Dramatica

The air we stanfotd, the water we drink, the food we eat, the sounds we hear around us can all be impregnated with various programming agents to help bring about the NWO. These are both designed to destabilize the Reptilian religious foundations. However, there are times when it suits the ruling elite to put valid websites at or near the top of searches to satisfy their own ulterior motives. The Liberation of Numbers.

Earth is an icosahedron. Geometry is evil and the work of Darkness. The Kitos Will Fracture. Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes Matter are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death.

Amitakh begins by pointing out the imperceptible truth that the world has turned to shit.

For example, people are breaking the rules a lot more, so more laws have to be introduced. Matter are actually ultra-microscopic particles capable of thinking for themselves.

In Octoberthe Numbers were symbolically released from the grasp of the Shadows. There are two races of Anunnaki aliens fighting for control of Earth: If they give their Will to Darkness, they are spiritually assassinated and become a slave to him. This is patently false. The “Gods” Are Crazy. Chippalone have their way you will all be destroyed, along with the Earth and the Physical universe as a whole!