Jorge Luis Borges declared The Invention of Morel a masterpiece of plotting, by Adolfo Bioy Casares, introduction by Suzanne Jill Levine. By far Bioy Casares’ most famous story, “The Invention of Morel” is still fairly obscure, despite being plugged (and strongly influenced) by his. Praise. “The masterpiece among Bioy Casares’ short, intense novels is The Invention of Morel, a book that won raves from Borges (who placed.

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The protagonist of the story is a fugitive and the story is narrated in first person. Anybody familiar with the essays and short fiction of Borges can appreciate what it means for one of the great masters of world literature to make such a pronouncement.

“The Invention of Morel”, Adolfo Bioy Casares

I’m going for the adolto, something metaphysically is fucked up, and part of my life is on repeat, like in Groundhog’s Dayor that movie with Adam Sandler which might be Groundhog’s Day, but I’m fairly certain that starred Bill Murraybut without being able to exhibit any kind casraes freewill or act on the repetition I am now an unwilling part dasares, like I can go do other things, but everything else is going to happen exactly as before, or maybe not everything, but at least this one thing, this one fucking review that will just keep floating back up morning and evening, and I must confront it over and over again, sort of like Waiting for Godot but with only one act but repeated forever.

The Invention of Morel”.

View all 4 comments. Books by Adolfo Bioy Casares. I am quite taken by the power of his writing style and after the strong recommendation of Mike, do look forward to reading more of him. These technologies, it is eventually revealed, both allow time travel within the island and provide immortality to its inhabitants. The incomprehensibility of an idea vioy what makes man delve deeper teh it. After sometime the narrator start noticing people on the island who were not there before and who seemed to have come out of nowhere.

He claims the recording will capture their souls, and through looping they will relive invnetion week forever and he will spend eternity with the woman he loves. But Lowry came later, too. Return to Book Page.


The sting of unrequited love and the human desire to cheat death form a beautiful landscape for discussions of immortality and escape through Bioy Casares deft churning of plot and revelation. View all 10 comments.

Below are a number of quotes from the novel coupled with my reflections: The narrator soon has his gaze fixed on a woman who looks like a gypsy. Although Morel does not mention her by name, the fugitive is sure he is talking about Faustine. Apr 29, Lynne King rated it it was amazing Shelves: At this point, other strange things begin to happen. Undeniably, the story could have easily been expanded upon and encompassed the reader in a vaster field of themes and insights into the moral implications of the novel; luckily we have the early seasons of LOST to build a world on the thin strands of ideas in this novel.

“The Invention of Morel”, Adolfo Bioy Casares – Waggish

Morel himself is in love with Faustine, but for reasons never explained entirely she cannot be his. Other strangeness occurs, notably the presence of two moons and two tthe in the sky. The article is here: C when the sun of Publius Africanus was extinguished.

What was interesting to know however is that two suns had been seen before in earlier times by Cicero: When minds of greater refinement than Morel’s begin to work on the invention, man will select a lonely, pleasant place, will go there with the persons he loves most, and will endure in an intimate paradise. About Adolfo Bioy Casares.

The experiment being to make those people immortal by capturing them and letting them live in a projected world forever. Jul 07, s. You are commenting using morle Facebook account.

She sits on a rock and comes every afternoon to watch the sunset. The first sound film The Jazz Singer was released in the year How much more satisfying would it be if the whole premise revolved around following a Louise Brooks look alike around and pining over her as unattainable and having to relive that unattainability forever and ever Tagged as Adolfo Bioy CasaresBorges.


And I suppose that, at its heart, what makes this hauntingly beautiful story so very precious is that it illustrates exquisitely the notion that, in many ways, it is far more sublime to love than to be loved. Possibly the book teaching me how to read better?

The Invention of Morel

What is with the repetitive score of “Tea for Two” and “Valencia” played repeatedly in the background? For the purpose of this review, I will take a specific focus: This is a profound work built within the edifice of a lighter more recognized content.

Then I resumed my efforts, moving to other parts of the wall. Immortality is not the only complex theme that Casares deals with. Faced with the penultimate page I found myself highly perplexed. And one day, two suns and two moons appear simultaneously in the sky. Philosophy, which I love?

The basic concepts here were used in many, many science-fiction novels later on though not so many beforehand, as far as I know ; the story is unique for its alienation from the consciousness that persists on in the projections. It demands a second read which I did and probably a third which I didn’t do ; its brevity belies the great depth that the author has brought to this story. There is so much depth to this work. There is a high price for immortality, and what better to live on for eternity than the feelings of love.

My wrist works, making the liquid swirl. Dick; lyrical, beautiful and haunting; this is the kind of book you never, ever forget.

Lists with This Book. But his unusual utopia is thrown out of gear when one day, he spots a young beauty at a cliff adjacent to a building, ludicrously named as museum, staring at the setting sun. Others are scarcely concealed variants.