For its hefty $ price tag, Aces & Eights is a solid deal. The book is very Unlike many other RPGs, Aces & Eights has no class system. A website celebrating Kenzer & Company’s Magnificent Wild West Roleplaying Game – Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier!. (note: this is a review of the original Aces & Eights RPG, not the new edition) Aces & Eights is a spectacular game. I have to admit I had serious.

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Some of the details here are a little bland, others good; some of the names in Spanish lead me to wonder if they got an actual translator or are using guesswork and google. Let me say this right now: The simple system allows you to aim, shoot and actually see the shot unfold…even determine miss or exact hit location, the effects of cover and target position.

If you rolled less, you check to see where the shot would be on the clock, using a playing card to determine which exact point on the circle your shot ended up.

A very ingenious do-it-yourself wheel to keep track of the current count in your games. Your performance in combat is modified by how many gunfights you’ve been in before.

Reward no longer available 5 backers. Its full of public-domain drawings, paintings and photographs of the wild west, many of them from that era or slightly after.


Not just maps, these include setting detail on damn near every inhabitant you could ieghts to meet in the town, and even some sample “passers through”. Archived from the original on 28 May Character creation, for one. I should also note that a number of the rules and sub-rules make use aves standard playing cards. It is based on historical data and is easy to use. Obviously, the game is over-produced. Reputation actually serves as one of the replacements for a level-system.

Another excellent tool from Kevin J. With no levels or classes and only gaining experience in skills usedcharacters can rg professions at will, just like the Old West!

Its fast and deadly, which makes it fortunate that creating characters is so much fun.

Killbeggar’s Aces & Eights RPG Fanpage

But for the sake of completeness, I’ll give you some more actual details here. But these aren’t classes, you eifhts switch from one profession to another freely at the start of any adventure, and then switch back to another later.

Fame affects you socially in a variety of ways. People doing things that take less time will be acting before you. Damage depends on the weapon used, and damage dice are “penetrative”, so that if you rolled maximum damage, you roll again and add. The maps in the book edited out the railroad tracks to keep Black Horse as a small struggling town. In other words, you’ll receive a “one of It also incorporates the games boomtown price inflation as well.


It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.

Another part of the wider campaign is experience. Shattered Frontier is an American role-playing gamewritten by Jolly R.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

Learn more about accountability. Shipping rates apply Includes: I’d use it if Boot Hill weren’t faster, easier, and better for my needs. So if drawing a gun takes 5 counts, and an declared you were drawing your gun on the 5th count, you’ll be drawing your gun until the 10th count.

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This last touch was sheer brilliance on their part, to go prg route with the illustrations instead of using modern artists with comic-book or anime styles. On that last note I should mention that price lists are very complete, and yet there is one major failing in this section of the game: A good, old fashioned, set of random tables to determine how much cash a given person is carrying.