User Guides. Aastra i, i, i, i – User Guide for Aastra DE · EN. User Guides for Aastra FR · DE. Quick User Guide Aastra i for. Phone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your phone and more at ManualsOnline. The Aastra i offers advanced XML capability to access custom Aastra i SIP IP Phone User Guide – Describes the most commonly used features and.

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Page 29 Reset – Allows you to restart the IP phone when required. Got it, continue to print. Page 57 The phone locks dynamically and displays the following message: Enter your user password and press The phone unlocks. Please be aware that ports mentioned here are only for full system access only. Restarting Wastra Phone Restart softkey.

Select the Low, Medium, or High volume level.

By default, Key 4 on the top set of programmable keys is configured for Intercom. A message, “Password Changed” displays on the screen. Page 39 – Backspace – Clear 9. Use the Backspace softkey to correct any errors. Requirements The 55i IP Phone requires the following environment: If required, disable the “Call Waiting” field by unchecking the check box.

Aastra Telecom 55I IP Phone User Manual

Available Features Enabled By Administrators B receives notification from the server that the call was forwarded and the missed calls indicator is incremented on phone B. The 55i Uwer Phone allows up to 3 expansion modules on each phone.


5i5 This allows you to configure the Callers List Key with other functions if required. Xml Beep Support Note: If configuring a softkey on the Bottom Keys, in the state fields, check enable or uncheck disable the states you want to apply to this softkey.


Direct modifications of the hardware, base operating system or aastrs database are not supported unless the instructions have been provided through our documentation. Use the following procedure to delete all items from the Callers List. In the “Unlock the Phone? If required, disable the “Play Call Wait- ing Tone” field by unchecking the check box.

Contact your System Administrator for more infor- mation. For example, my55i-blf-list as. By default, Key 3 on the top set of programmable keys is configured for Callers List. You use the Aastra Web UI to set a programmable key or softkey as a line. Call forward can be configured using a specific mode off, all, busy, no answer, busy no answer on a global or per-line basis.

Indicates an incoming Call Waiting call. Pre-dialling lets you view a number before you dial. Sat Jan 1 Connected” prompt for a few seconds. Requirements our customers must meet in order for Bicom Systems staff members to be able to troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance or apply custom mahual to their system:.

Valid values are 5 through 9.

This page has been accessed 6, times. The default state of the Pickup configuration is “idle, outgoing”.

After configuring the softkeys on the M Expansion Module, you can record the name of the softkey on the paper labels provided with the Expansion Module. Your phone screen displays a voicemail icon along with the number of waiting messages, if you have unheard messages example: Goodbye Key Cancels Incoming Calls 1.


The Aastra 55i IP phone supports up to 4 line keys.

Aastra 55i IP Phone User Manual

Press the Conf Key again to join the Parties to the active conference. Page Line 1. The price will be calculated according to time Bicom Systems developers spent to troubleshoot the problem at the standard rates. Online chat is available through your web login at www. You can save up to 30 speeddial numbers on the 55i. IP manuall for answering Intercom calls. Wait for Party 2 to answer. Tone 1 Tone You can use the Intercom key to automatically connect with a remote extension for outgoing aaastra, and to answer an incoming intercom call.

Using The Expansion Modules After configuring the softkeys on the M Expansion Module, you can record the name of the softkey on the paper labels provided with the Expansion Module. Use the following illustration as a reference.

Aastra Telecom IP Phone 55I User Guide |

Missed Calls Indicator 3. Copyright under-license All Rights Reserved. Unlock the Phone 3. To dial the displayed number press line keys.