Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel investigates murder close to home in this first crime novel featuring the much-loved detective team of Dalziel and Pasc. A Clubbable Woman is a crime novel by Reginald Hill, the first novel in the Dalziel and Pascoe series. Publication history[edit]. , London: Collins Crime . A Clubbable Woman: Dalziel & Pascoe #1 [Reginald Hill] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Mary Connon, a small-town femme fatale.

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The club that anchors the rugby team is a hotbed of adultery and clubbabls grievances, so there is not a shortage of suspects. Yes, there are bits about the women that feel a bit dated, but not as badly as some.

Very nice tribute to Reginald Hill!

So when he returns home, he merely pops his head into the living-room to let his wife know he’s home and then goes straight to bed, where he falls into something approaching unconsciousness for several hours. Intriguing — I wonder if he can climb walls? Very disappointing since I have been waiting patiently for this series to come to the US, but, well, this episode, the clubbable woman, makes little sense clubbablr is mushed together without any care for logic, character development, plot, atmosphere and the outrageous characterizations of the two main characters.

A man arrives home late at night with a headache and finds his wife dead. So, was she shot, do you suppose?


Is a scrum a uniform that a nurse wears? I need to rectify that, but both authors have such long, long series. The Woodcutter was really good, I thought, but this one was really weak. Jan 13, Patience rated it liked it. This is a home game for Detective Su Home from Rugby Club after taking a nasty knock in a match, Connon finds his wife even clubbabel uncommunicative than ususal.

Dalziel and Pascoe — I must say that On Beulah Height is the book I always name as my favourite crime novel of all time. This was the first in the series and was originally published in Notify me of new posts via email. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

A Clubbable Woman

Hi Deb, thanks very much for that. But true to his later characterisation, Andy believes in justice above all, though he might step outside the bounds occasionally to achieve it.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Jan 16, Aine rated it really liked womaj Shelves: Feb 26, Leah rated it really liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? A conversation regarding whales… Friday Frippery!

Something to chew on… Friday Frippery! Yeah, I love the Fontana, so of the period.

A CLUBBABLE WOMAN by Reginald Hill | Kirkus Reviews

So was the world inside your head. You are commenting using your WordPress. Andy Dalziel Mark Lambert When he took his jacket off and dropped it over the back of a chair it was like a Bedouin pitching camp. I originally started, as so often, in the middle of the series and then backtracked to the earlier books. Old school troglydyte Andy Dalziel and his cop underling, the college-educated Peter Pascoe, are called on to investigate the murder of a local rugby player’s wife.


It was such a slog to get past the detective’s unpleasant personality I never got to the point of caring about the crime. I forget his name, too, really. Abandonment issues… Friday Frippery on a Thursday! That’s my excuse for spending time reading this book.

A hodgepodge of happenings… Friday Frippery! Hill seems to have progressed over the decades he is clearly an educated man but the early books, with their leering references to breasts and behinds, are hard to stomach.

Re-read after about 10 years. In the book was adapted by the late Alan Plater for TV with commendable fidelity and led to a series that ran for over 10 years. If Hill were alive today, I’ve no doubt his novels would be all about smart, ambitious female detectives.

Not as brilliant as the later ones, but still better than most! One of the best police procedural series ever written.